Super-fit 100-year-old shares his secret and it’s great news if you love a drink

Super-fit centenarian Arthur Grisbrook says the secret to a long life is a daily mixed grill and two glasses of wine a night.

The Second World War veteran washes home-cooked steak, gammon, sausages, fried egg, chips, mushrooms, tomato, peas and hash browns down with claret on most days and reckons it has knocked decades off his looks.

“I eat and drink what I fancy and don’t worry about what the so-called experts say,” said the great-grandfather of three.

“I believe in doing things moderately. I drink most nights. Mixed grills are quite tasty and easy to cook. I also like sausage and mash and fish and chips.”

Arthur, who lives by himself in a supported-housing flat in Hereford, said he feels like someone in their late 70s.

“I don’t feel like I’m 100,” he said. “You’re only as old as you feel.”

Arthur served as a driver in the Royal Engineers in Italy and North Africa during the war. He later worked as a railway apprentice and woodwork instructor in Swindon. His wife Laura died in 2008 aged 89. Arthur still does all his own cooking and cleaning despite turning 100 in October.

He said he finds the modern world “perplexing” but wishes mobile phones and computers were around when he was young. He added: “I get upset about the world today because I wonder where it’s going. It seems so complicated.”

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