Sustainable gifts – the best eco friendly, zero plastic present ideas

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For this reason, eco-conscious shoppers are opting for gifts that are sustainable and plastic-free, so that they can gift without guilt. Sustainable gifting can have a reputation of being boring or uninspired, but in a world where so many of us are making conscious shopping choices, there are plenty of inspired gifting options on the market this Christmas. We’ve rounded up eight of our favourite sustainable gifts for this festive season, so keep scrolling to check them out.

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Beeswax Wraps Set of 3 by The Bioboutique

They’ll never have to keep food fresh with single-use plastic again if you gift them these food wraps made from 100 percent organic cotton, natural beeswax, tree resin, and plant oil.

RRP: £9.99

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Happylandgifts® 1m² of real rainforest in Costa Rica

Your eco-conscious friend will get a thrill out of owning their very own piece of beautiful Costa Rican rainforest.

RRP: £29.90

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Greenzla Reusable Makeup Remover Pads

Make makeup wipes a thing of the past with these Greenzla Reusable Makeup Remover pads, so they’re not creating any excess waste while they wash their face.

RRP: £13.99

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Zero waste year 2021 Planner and Journal

This planner is just the tool they need to help them transition into a zero-waste lifestyle.

Filled with zero waste ideas, habit trackers, garden log, zero waste recipes, weekly calendars, and more.

RRP: £7.90

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Ethical Superstore Our Tiny Bees Citrus Bath Melt

Everything we put into our baths needs to be environmentally friendly, and these citrus bath melts are made from 100 percent natural ingredients such as cocoa butter, honey, and oils for an incredibly soothing bathtime experience.

RRP: £5.95

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Kabloom Pollinator Beebom Seedbomb

This biodegradable seed bomb enables you to grow your own wildflowers in a fun way.

All you need to do is fill it up with water, shake it up and throw it away.

Once it’s landed it will begin biodegrading into the soil and then wildflowers will begin to sprout and bloom.

RRP: £3.95

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We Are Thought Leta Organic Cotton & Wool Blend Fair Isle Jumper

The perfect, sustainable winter jumper. Made from a blend of soft organic cotton and wool, this will keep them warm and cosy without contributing to fast fashion.

RRP: £99

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We Are Thought Petronille Bamboo Fall 4 Pack Sock Gift Box

Made from soft bamboo and organic cotton, these socks are warm but also breathable.

This gift box comes with four sock styles and is presented in a stunning hand-painted gift box.

RRP: £24.95

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