Taxpayer money targeted at Liberal-held seats, analysis finds

Liberal-held electorates received three times more taxpayer money than Labor-held seats over a three-year period spanning the last federal election. That’s the finding of an exclusive analysis by The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, released today.

Two of our journalists examined an astounding 19,123 individual government grants to local communities, totalling $2.8 billion in taxpayer money.

Their results reveal a highly politicised system rife with uneven spending, which experts have slammed as “soft bribery” and “a corruption of our democracy”.

They also show some downright bizarre spending on coffee grinders for local community groups, “insect hotels” and “trishaw” rides in Bondi.

Today on Please Explain, political reporter Katina Curtis and senior economics correspondent Shane Wright join Jess Irvine to discuss.

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