Taylor Swift Got A Brand-New Cat & Fans Are Already Guessing Who It’ll Be Named After

Many fans predicted that Taylor Swift’s countdown to April 26 would lead to new music, and that ended up being true — but as it turned out, she also has a new addition to her family. It’s official: Swift has a new kitten, and yes, it’s the same kitten that Brendon Urie proposed with in their music video for "Me!". There’s only one problem, though. Swift has yet to share the name she’s chosen for her new kitten, but fans are already making their guesses on Twitter.

In the early hours of Friday morning, fans were already buzzing about the kitten in the video. Since Swift’s other cats, Meredith and Olivia, were also featured, did that mean that this kitten also belonged to her? The Nashville mural that ended up being commissioned by Swift also included two cats and a kitten, which served as even more evidence that this kitten was more than just a part of her new video.

Then, Swift Instagrammed the official announcement: A photo of her and the same kitten cuddled up together, with a caption that read, "And then there were three…"

That was all the confirmation necessary to show that Swift was officially a proud cat mom of three, but unfortunately, she hasn’t shared any of the details yet, leaving fans to fill in the blanks.

Swift loves to follow the traditions she sets, so it seems likely that she’ll continue the one she has going with her cats when it comes to the kitten’s name. Her other cats are named after two of her favorite TV characters — Meredith Grey from Grey’s Anatomy and Olivia Benson from Law & Order: SVU — so why wouldn’t the kitten’s name follow suit?

Knowing this, fans are already making guesses, and since Swift has been vocal about her love for Friends on Tumblr, many of them are thinking she might end up naming the kitten after one of the characters from that show.

Others are convinced that Swift might go for a Game of Thrones reference, or perhaps name her kitten after the role she’s playing in Cats, Bombalurina. Could we have a tiny Daenerys on our hands?

And other people are simply just waiting for the name announcement, because the anticipation is a lot after all this new Swift news this week.

When it comes to things like this, Swift normally likes to work on her own time table, so the name will come when she’s ready to share it. Could be soon, could be next week — could even be part of her next single. Anything is possible.

But since the curiosity is real, hopefully, Swift will share the news sooner rather than later… and maybe even more photos of her adorable kitty and updates on how Meredith and Olivia are handling their new sibling. Whatever this new little kitty’s name is, he or she is very lucky to have a new home with Swift and her furry friends.

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