Tesco joins Morrisons and B&M in slashing toy prices by up to 50%

TESCO is the latest retailer to slash prices on lots of popular products, including Lego and Nerf, in the supermarket's recent toy sale.

Morrisons and B&M have reduced their toys by up to 50%, and Tesco has joined the discount frenzy, offering the same bargains.

More than 60 products are on special offer, but you will need a Clubcard to claim the discounted prices.

If you are part of the Tesco reward membership, which is free to join, you'll be able to get up to half price off toys until the offer ends on August 4.

It means you have less than a month to cash in on the cheap prices so you'll have to be quick.

A whole range of items can be bought at the reduced prices, from baby dollies to Lego sets and even your own miniature versions of Tesco logistics vehicles.

How to compare prices to get the best deal

JUST because something is on offer, or is part of a sale, it doesn’t mean it’s always a good deal.

There are plenty of comparison websites out there that'll check prices for you – so don't be left paying more than you have to.

Most of them work by comparing the prices across hundreds of retailers.

Here are some that we recommend:

  • Google Shopping is a tool that lets users search for and compare prices for products across the web. Simply type in keywords, or a product number, to bring up search results.
  • Price Spy logs the history of how much something costs from over 3,000 different retailers, including Argos, Amazon, eBay and the supermarkets. Once you select an individual product you can quickly compare which stores have the best price and which have it in stock.
  • Idealo is another website that lets you compare prices between retailers. All shoppers need to do is search for the item they need and the website will rank them from the cheapest to the most expensive one.
  • CamelCamelCamel only works on goods being sold on Amazon. To use it, type in the URL of the product you want to check the price of.

If you don't have a Tesco Clubcard then the toys will still be full price, but it's easy to set up an account, and by downloading the free Clubcard app you can start using your perks straight away.

Log in to your account on Tesco's website for the lower prices to be added automatically or use the app's QR code to scan at the checkout – you can also wait for a physical card to be shipped to you too.

You can shop any of the cheap prices in-store or online but stock will be subject to availability.

If you are shopping online you'll have to factor in the extra shipping charge which can cost around £4.50, plus Tesco will usually have a minimum basket charge of £4 too.

It's also worth shopping around first as you might find an even cheaper deal from another retailer.

We've picked out some of the top buys from the reductions, so you can take a look.

Nerf Microshots Fortnite

  • Was: £9 Now: £5.50 Save: £3.50 (35%) – buy now

Tesco has reduced the price of its Nerf Fortnite Dart-Firing Blaster which is based on the same style used in the popular Fortnite video game, and kids and adults alike can enjoy it.

It's a Nerf MicroShots collectible, and at the cheap price you won't mind adding this one to your own Nerf armoury.

You purchase will include two official Nerf Elite darts but the blaster will fire one at a time, it's also hand-powered so you won't have to splash out on batteries either.

You can get a different Nerf blaster for only £3 at Argos, but it won't feature the same Fortnite design.

Buying the cheaper option though will save you almost half the price of Tesco's as it's £2.50 less.

LEGO Speed Champions Nissan Set

  • Was: £18 Now: £13.50 Save: £4.50 (30%) – buy now

This Lego replica is based on the world record-breaking Nissan drift car and has some of the same realistic details seen on the real-life model.

Fans of all ages can create their very own toy model of the car with Lego building bricks – it can be used to display or for endless play too.

The toy playset also includes a driver minifigure in a Nissan race suit to place behind the wheel.

The exact same Lego set is only £12.99 to buy from John Lewis, so you could save 51p on your purchase.

Unless you head in store though you'll have to factor in the extra £3.50 it will cost to be delivered from John Lewis, as spending over £50 to get the free delivery offered might take you over budget.

Micro Machines Multi Starter Pack

  • Was: £4 Now: £2 Save: £2 (50%) – buy now

You can start your own collection of Micro Machines with the Starter Pack at such a low price.

The mini vehicles all have authentic details too, with brightly coloured designs authentic to their real-life versions.

But the product is an assortment and you will only receive one of the pictured designs.

If you are after a specific design though, just pop it as a preference in the notes section at the checkout page.

At Poundtoy you can buy a Mini Racers Surprise ball for £1.25, making the lucky dip toy 75p cheaper than Tesco's.

You can't choose which model you'd like as it's enclosed in a ball and you'll only find out once you open it up, but there's plenty to collect and at the cheap price it won't cost much to keep trying your luck.

Polly Pocket Tiny Pocket World

  • Was: £5 Now: £3.75 Save: £1.25 (25%) – buy now

Polly Pocket sets have made it into the sale too, and you can buy different styles to work up a whole collection, but online it will be a random draw.

Each compact toy opens to reveal a specific location, two additional secret reveals, three accessories and a micro figure and they're all small enough to take on the go.

You can buy another Polly Pocket compact toy from Smyths but it's more expensive by £1.24.

It costs £4.99 but you will be able to benefit from free delivery or free click and collect from the toy store.

Carousel Emmi Cuddle Time

  • Was: £8 Now: £5.30 Save: £2.70 (30%) – buy now

The supermarket has reduced the price of a range of baby dolls too and you can pick up a variety of different styles at the low £5.30 price.

The doll is 30cm tall and comes with a dummy too so your little one can play and look after her.

You can pick up a baby doll from B&M for £5, allowing you to save an extra 30p compared to Tesco's price.

You can't shop the toy online at B&M though, so you'll have to head in-store, the perk of the cheaper toy though, is that it comes complete with a pram or a cot too.

Carousel Tesco Grocery Delivery Van

  • Was: £15 Now: £10 Save: £5 (33%) – buy now

Tesco has even reduced the price of its Carousel grocery delivery van that's designed to look like the same thing it could be transported to your door in.

The mini van has a motorised forwards and backwards movement and it includes six delivery crates that you can remove, plus working headlights and realistic delivery van sounds.

Tesco introduced the toy to aid kids' cognitive and social developments as well as inspire imagination re-creating Tesco day-to-day activities.

Asda offers its own version of the toy delivery truck which costs only £6 to buy the Asda one though so depending on your supermarket loyalties, you could save £4.

Shoppers will be able to get double Clubcard points for three months using a new prepaid debit card from Tesco Bank.

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