Tesco price match Aldi – meaning your Tesco shop could get cheaper

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Tesco has launched hundreds of deals on their grocery items over the last few months and price matched branded products against prices in Aldi. Customers shopping in-store or online can purchase brands including Hovis, Cadbury, Diet Coke as well as fruit and veg for a fraction of the price. The supermarket giant checks prices in Aldi stores around the UK and matches comparable products. 

Those shopping in-store will see an ‘Aldi Price Match’ sign next to each grocery item that has been discounted. 

The campaign, which was launched earlier this year is still ongoing where customers can save hundreds of pounds. 

Alessandra Bellini, Tesco Chief Customer Officer said: “Our customers tell us they want the most competitive prices on the things they buy regularly.

“This new campaign will help time-poor and budget savvy customers get Tesco products at Aldi prices on products that matter to them.”

The campaign includes essential groceries like bananas, cucumbers and white bread. 

Tesco check prices in Aldi stores twice a week and only match a price where they find it a minimum price in five of their supermarkets. 

Whilst Tesco remains the biggest supermarket in the UK, their market share has fallen as discount supermarkets like Aldi and Lidl have attracted many more shoppers. 

Last month Which? compared the prices at UK supermarkets for a trolley full of 74 grocery items. 

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According to their research, Aldi was the cheapest supermarket last month with a trolley costing £66.45 compared to Waitrose where shoppers would have paid £105.25.

However with Tesco’s new price match campaign, customers may find that their overall weekly shop price is reduced. 

The supermarket giant has also recently bought back its Clubcard Prices promotion which offers customers huge savings across a large range of items in-store and online. 

The savings can be made across branded items including Carte D’Or ice cream, Birds Eye frozen range and McCain chips. 

Around 200 products will be included in the promotion, with more grocery items across other categories being launched over the next few weeks. 

Like the Aldi Price Match, products included in the Clubcard Prices will be marked with a promotional label so you can be sure to get the best food deals.

Online, all items included in the sale will be highlighted in a box displaying the before and after price.

To make the savings, all customers need to do is scan their Clubcard App, Clubcard or key fob at the checkout or when shopping online. 

Tesco says that savvy shoppers can already make huge savings when shopping at the supermarket giant with the likes of Weekly Little Helps promotions and their Fresh 5 offer on seasonal fruit and vegetables.

However the last few months have been extremely hard for people with many losing jobs and having less money to spend on their groceries so Tesco has launched even further savings that can be made by shoppers. 

They recently launched a new Clubcard Plus loyalty scheme, which offers a 10 percent discount on two big weekly shops each and every month which can help customers save over £380 a year.

The 10 percent is valid across Tesco brands including F&F clothing, Tesco Pet, double data with Tesco mobile and the opportunity to apply for a Clubcard Plus credit card.

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