The best advent calendars for pets including cats, dogs and even guinea pigs

DOGS, cats and even guinea pigs will be getting all the festive feels this Christmas with these new advent calendars for pets.

Each festive countdown has scrumptious treats behind each door, so animal lovers can treat their furry friend to their own advent.

There's a huge variety available and we’ve found the best weird, wonderful and expensive advent calendars for pets on the market.

With so many pet retailers out there, make sure you check prices and shop around so you're getting the best value for money.

Here are the best advent calendars for animals for Christmas 2019:

Fred & Ginger Dog Advent Calendar – £5 (buy now)

Make sure you include your canine companion in the festive countdown with this calendar from Fred & Ginger.

We spotted this dog advent calendar selling on John Lewis for a reasonable price.

Hidden behind each door is a dog-friendly carob chocolate treat for your pooch to nibble on.

In case you didn't know, carob powder is a cocoa powder alternative that's safe for dogs to eat.

It’s made from dried, roasted carob tree pods and looks a lot like cocoa powder.

John Lewis has got the price right compared to eBay who is selling the same product for £11.99.

Advent Calendar for Cats – £7.49 (buy now)

Fetch, the pet store from Ocado is stocking Lily's Kitchen's fun and festive advent calendar for your cat to countdown to Christmas.

The charming, hand drawn advent calendar will whisk you into a world of a Christmas panto celebration with plenty of merriment and mischief.

Tasty treats lie behind each door, including chicken with liver and turkey with cranberry.

Delivery for Fetch orders are free if you combine it with your Ocado delivery, otherwise you'll need to pay £2.99 if you're order is under £29.

We shopped around and found this is the cheapest deal out there compared to Viovet who is charging customers £8.

Cupid and Comet Luxury Advent Calendar for Cats – £2.23 (buy now)

Your feline friend will be able to enjoy Cupid and Comet’s heart shaped treats made with real turkey, chicken, duck and salmon.

Down from £3.49 to £2.23 on Amazon, we reckon this is a pretty good deal to nab.

Delivery on Amazon is free for Prime members, or for those who aren't signed it, there's a charge of £4.49 per order.

Amazon has got the price bang on compared to The Pet Express who is asking shoppers for £2.99.

Nobby Starsnack Advent Calendar Dogs – £6.50 (buy now)

Vetsend is throwing in a 10 per cent Black Friday discount deal with Nobby Starsnack's advent calendar for dogs.

You might be thinking is it worth those extra pounds? Yes, it is if your mutt is a fusspot and wants more than one choice to snack on.

Their tails will be wagging with these barbecue mini chicken bites, mini duck wraps and soft chicken carrot.

Now, that’s being spoilt for choice.

Orders under £59 are charged £3.95 for delivery with Vetsend.

We couldn't find any other retailers selling Nobby Starsnack's advent calendar for dogs on the market.

Christmas Tails Small Advent Calendar – £2 (buy now)

We understand that small pets like guinea pigs are part of your family, so we found a small advent calendar that will stimulate their taste buds.

Pets at Home is surprising its pet owners with chocolate flavoured treats for their animal to crunch on this Christmas.

This is an amazing deal to grab as it's the cheapest small pet advent calendar to pocket.

Just so you know, Christmas Tails small advent calendar is only available to buy at Pets at Home.

Hatchwell’s Small Animal Advent Calendar – £3.40 (buy now)

The small animal advent calendar from Hatchwell's is dairy and sugar free.

Selling on Viovet’s website, these dandelion leaf flavoured treats are made specially for your guinea pigs.

For orders under £28, Viovet charges £2.99 for delivery if your product weighs under 2kg.

We shopped around and noticed that Amazon is selling the same product for £8.03, that's a staggering £4.63 more.

Did you know that B&M is selling PET advent calendars…and they're a bargain at just £1.99 each. 

It's worth checking out Aldi's advent calendars for cats and dogs cost just £3. 

Pet owners tend to treat their little furry friends a bit too often – and statistics have revealed that the average owner forks out more than £18,000 over one pet's lifetime. 

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