'The Big Bang Theory': Was Raj and Howard's Relationship Perfect or Weird?

Raj Koothrappali and Howard Wolowitz had a bromance that was sure to last a lifetime. Their friendship, however, is regularly mocked on The Big Bang Theory. Leonard Hofstadter’s mom, Beverly, questions the relationship. Leonard even gets in on the joke. Anyone who has watched even a couple of episodes of the show has undoubtedly noticed how close the pair are. So, is their bromance perfect or is it all just a little weird?

Two timesRaj and Howard were friendship goals

Howardand Raj don’t just work together, they spend most of their free time together,too. And as a couple of single guys (at the start of the series), they have alot of free time to spare. Together, they make the best friends anyone has everseen. Theyhappily confide in each other, like the time Raj was happy to help Howard figureout if his boobs look too big.

Howardalso helps Raj out with the ladies. Sure, a selective mute probably isn’t goingto close the deal, but Howard was always there to give him a helping, albeit sociallyawkward, hand. Howard also shows a great deal of care when it comes to Raj eventhough he regularly gets annoyed by him. He spends a fair amount of time tryingto figure out ways to help Raj work around his entire mutism issue.

Rajserves as something of a surrogate wife for Howard before he meets Bernadette,and Howard returns the favor to Raj, just in a different way. Gifting Rajwith his companion, Cinnamon, was one moment that showed just how much Howardcared about Raj. Sure, Howard ends up bagging on Raj for his attachment to the dog,but we all know deep down he was thrilled that his gift worked out sowell. 

Two timesthe relationship got a little weird

Raj andHoward might have the quintessential bromance, but there were a couple ofmoments where their relationship took a bit of a bizarre turn. Obsession,fights, and jealousy all played a part in the dynamic between Howard and Raj,and while that was comedic sometimes, there were moments where it all seemed togo a bit too far.

Way backin Season 3, Raj takes on a project with Sheldon.Howard, dismayed by the amount of time Raj is spending with Sheldon, becomesinstantly jealous and forlorn. He takes to bothering Penny and Leonard to fillhis time, but it’s clearly not the same as hanging out with Raj. Everyonemisses a pal when they get busy, but Howard’s reaction was pretty over the top.

Raj isalso prone to fits of jealousy when he thinks Howard’s attention is being spentelsewhere. During one particular spat, Raj refuses to speak to or hang out withHoward because he believes he leaves him every time a potential love interest comeslong. He gets pretty mean about it all, too. In the end, of course, he forgivesHoward, and they are back to their regularly scheduled programming, but theexchange is a bitter reminder that the duo’s relationship is a bit more intensethan a traditional friendship.


So, what’sthe deal? Is Raj and Howard’s relationship perfectly imperfect or utterlystrange? Everyone has a different opinion, but most people seem to agree thatthe duo had a bromance for the ages. Sure, things take a turn towards the weirdevery now and again, but it looks like the relationship between Raj and Howardis almost as key to the success of The Big Bang Theory as any of the romanticconnections that the fivesome stumble through.

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Theaddition of AmyFarrah Fowler, Bernadette Rostenkowski, and the myriad of women that Raj triesto date certainly livens up the show, but when all is said and done, thingsalways seem to settle back on Raj and Howard. All told, it looks like thefriendship between Raj and Howard is perfectly imperfect, not perfectlystrange.

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