The team recommend their favourite board games to play at Christmas

Everyone loves a good board game. If you don’t you simply haven’t found the right one for you.

Over the next week the games will be out in force, whether we are playing them in real life or attempting to give them a go on Zoom.

If you’re in need of some new games for your collection, we’ve asked the team to share their favourites – including a selection of two player games that are ideal for smaller households.

Here are some of their best-loved games…


Lifestyle reporter Jess Lindsay says: ‘In this game you team up in two groups and one from each has to use one word to hint to their teammates which card (or cards) on the board they’re referring to. It’s sort of a mix between battleships and Articulate.

‘Getting the rules of Codenames right the first time is slightly difficult, but once a few people know what they’re doing it’s so addictive and fast-paced. I’d say it’s best played in a larger group – and you’re guaranteed to get plenty of heckling at the weird connecting words people used.’


Social Media Producer Ellie Lees says: ‘My family passed a lot of the time during lockdown 1 – the OG – by playing board games. My personal favourite is Articulate where you play in teams and have to describe words without saying the word on the card. 

‘It ends up being hilarious and giving a really interesting insight into how other people think things through. One time I was on a team with my brother and I said “It’s an animal that lives in the sea and it’s long and pointy, it’s named after something that knights carried into battle” and he went “a stick!”- it was a swordfish.’

221B Baker Street

Lifestyle reporter Lizzie Thomson says: ‘Think Cluedo but more mystery. In true Sherlock-style this game asks players to travel around solving clues for the mystery that’s given at the beginning of the round and there are 75 cases to solve in total. You compete to solve the case the quickest. 

‘This game will really get you thinking as there are both factual and cryptic clues – sort of like an escape room but in a board game. It’s great as it can also be played with two players.’


Lizzie adds: ‘Another great two player game is Linkee, which is general knowledge with a twist. Each card asks four trivia questions and a player (or a team if you play with more people) has to guess the link between the answers.’

The Really Nasty Horse Race Game

TV reporter Harry Fletcher says: ‘The ultimate in board game backstabbing – enter six horses in six races, place bets on them and sabotage other players, or back other runners and deliberately throw the races.

‘Be prepared, it’s almost certain to cause arguments.’

Trivial Pursuit

Lifestyle reporter Aidan Milan says: ‘I love it because it’s a satisfying excuse to show off your strong subjects. The variety of topics means everyone gets their time to shine and excitedly yell answers at people.’

First Dates

Senior entertainment reporter Cydney Yeates says: ‘It’s essentially like Mr and Mrs and you compete in couples and one person is the quiz master who asks questions like “who is the most popular.” The other couples have to guess how the couple will answer.

‘It gets really competitive and is definitely more of a game for friends rather than family as questions are a bit risqué.’

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