The moments of stupidity couples have shared with each other

The moments of stupidity couples have shared with each other

People share their partners’ silliest moments in hilarious snaps – including a wife who quite literally painted herself into a corner

  • Bored Panda rounded up moments of stupidity from around the world 
  • One husband shared a hilarious snap of his wife painting herself into a corner 
  • Meanwhile, a woman mocked her boyfriend for mistaking their cat for their dog 

Most of us have had embarrassing moments that we hope will be forgotten quickly, but when you have an unimpressed partner around to capture the moment, it’s a different matter. 

In a hilarious online gallery, Bored Panda rounds up posts by partners who were stunned by the stupidity of their other half.

Among the amusing images is a wife who accidentally painted around herself while varnishing a wooden floor. 

Another baffled partner revealed that their girlfriend sets a timer for the number of hours left until she gets up, instead of just using the alarm clock on her phone. 

And a bewildered man revealed that his wife things freezer bags need to be kept in the freezer itself, as he shared a snap of the shelf.  

Bored Panda rounded up hilarious moments from partners who have been stunned by their other half’s stupidity, including a man whose girlfriend thought he had a miniature restaurant in the back of his truck 

Time running out! One woman uses a countdown system to waking up, rather than the traditional alarm clock  

One husband was left speechless after discovering his wife’s very literal interpretation of freezer bags 

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Another husband shared how his wife put her USB cable into the plug socket, instead of the port right beside it 

An easy mistake to make! A woman who heard her boyfriend yelling from a distance, revealed that he’d placed ear wax removal drops in his eyes

A woman asked her boyfriend to put their dog in his crate, but he couldn’t understand why she was so baffled to find the wrong pet in there  

A woman who was looking in depth at ingredients on a drink can, interpreted 0mg as the abbreviation for ‘Oh My God’

Low-tech solution! One husband was amused by his wife taping a note on the back of her phone instead of setting a digital reminder

A boyfriend who asked his girlfriend about the crack on her phone, was amused after she sent a screenshot of her phone’s wallpaper

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