‘The Office’ Fans Need To See Jenna Fischer & Angela Kinsey Recreating THIS Iconic Scene

If you’re a fan of The Office who loves rewatching the show on Netflix, Angela Kinsey’s new video featuring her and Jenna Fischer recreating a memorable — if not a bit disturbing — scene from the show will make your day. Disturbing though the original scene may be, Kinsey and Fischer’s throwback The Office video shows that even though their characters weren’t the closest friends, the actors are super close IRL. And they definitely share a quirky sense of humor.

As Entertainment Tonight noted, the scene in question comes from The Office Season 4. Angela asks Dwight to take care of her sick cat — but he tells her that Sprinkles is lying in her freezer, dead. Angela admits to Pam that she doesn’t think the cat’s death is an accident, which is the scene the two actors decided to re-read this weekend.

It’s a little jarring to see the two of them trying to do a scene about a dead cat while wearing ugly Christmas sweaters and making gingerbread cake pops. But The Office and its British predecessor often had a darker sense of humor, so it does make sense in an old school Scranton kind of way. In the video Kinsey shared on Twitter, you can see that she starts laughing right after saying that "Sprinkles’ body was in the freezer" — again, a line that’s a bit strange to crack up at, but it just shows how much fun they had while making the show.

Kinsey also introduces the clip by noting that she and her friend didn’t appear in as many scenes together as some of the other Office characters did, because they always made each other laugh. "If you wonder why we didn’t have a lot of scenes together, it’s because we couldn’t keep a straight face," Kinsey tells the camera.

The scene she and Fischer tried to recreate has a funny tie to another one of their Office costars, too. Angela asks Dwight to watch Sprinkles while Meredith is in the hospital after Michael hits her with his car. And Steve Carell recently shared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that a fan actually hit him with their car, too. Luckily, he was unharmed by the experience, which happened when he was on his bike. But it’s still an odd coincidence that so many of the show’s actors have brought the same episode to mind this month (it’s "Fun Run" if you’re officially ready to queue it up on Netflix).

The Office‘s series finale aired in 2013. But thanks to its availability on Netflix, it continues to delight both longtime fans and new viewers. And even though more than five years have passed since the show wrapped, it looks like some of the Dunder Mifflin crew are still up to their old antics.

Angela not-so-silently judged plenty of Pam’s actions on the show — even mocking her and Jim’s Niagara Falls wedding right to her face. But it looks like Kinsey and Fischer’s real-life relationship is filled with a lot more laughs and a lot less judgment. The Office may be over, but its legacy still lives on in fans’ hearts, as well as in the hearts of its stars, as the two actors’ new video shows.

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