The Super Sustainable Pillow The Citizenry Can’t Keep In Stock

As we work toward leading more sustainable lifestyles, we’re thinking harder about the clothes we wear, the food we eat and even the sunscreens we use. But, we don’t often think about how sustainable our home decor is. The Citizenry wants to change that.

The Citizenry is a globally inspired home decor brand that works with individuals, artisans and designers around the world to craft one-of-a-kind collections that are handmade using local materials through sustainable practices and ethical standards.

In short, the brand travels to countries around the world and establishes relationships with local artisans to create handmade goods using sustainable, high-quality materials through ethical, fair-trade practices. Everything is made using natural, plant-based dyes and organic, recycled materials like recycled plastic and upcycled leather. Plus, 10% of every purchase gets reinvested into the artisan communities they work with.

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What that means for consumers is that they can find luxurious linen bedding that’s been stonewashed in the oldest family-run linen mill in Portugal, comforters filled with eucalyptus fibers instead of down feathers and woven baskets made of Mexican palm leaves. You’ll also find leather lounge chairs and ethically-sourced rattan ottomans from Indonesia.

By blending natural bohemian textures with airy minimalist styles, The Citizenry is a sustainable shoppers dream, but there’s one item in particular that they can’t keep in stock: the lumbar pillow.

This hand-woven pillow is made from 100% sheep’s wool that’s naturally died using native plant extracts in Oaxaca, Mexico. The geometric patterns on the pillow are inspired by the ancient Zapotec tribes of Oaxaca, and it’s available in a variety of designs and colors for under $210. It’s an easy way to spruce up any space, whether it’s your sofa or bedroom, but it’s sure to be a conversation piece wherever it lives. Right now it’s back in stock, but we can’t guarantee for how long.

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