The Top 10 Best Books of 2018

A riveting, indelible memoir by Steve Jobs’s oldest daughter, who details her often-harrowing upbringing without an ounce of self-pity. Don’t miss it.

Small Fry, $26;

Among the reasons the former First Lady’s memoir became the year’s bestselling book: She’s lived a life like no other, yet she knows how to make you relate.

Becoming, $32.50;

The characters in these insightful short stories are haunted by past selves, prone to misreading cues — and great company.

You Think It, I’ll Say It, $27;

A radiant debut novel about the cultural forces that bind and divide members of one close-knit Muslim-American family.

A Place For Us, $27;

In a year that saw women running for office in record numbers, Traister’s galvanizing history of the transformative power of female anger felt on-point and essential. 

Good and Mad, $27;

Reading a Wolitzer novel is like finding a group of intriguing new friends, and this propulsive tale of a young woman struggling with ambition and identity is no exception.

The Female Persuasion, $28;

You don’t need to be a Greek-mythology nerd to be captivated by Miller’s action-packed reimagining of the goddess of sorcery’s adventures.

Circe, $27;

An essayist ponders his difficulties with relationships —  except for the one with his 19-year-old cat. Quirky, eye-opening, wonderful.

I Wrote This Book Because I Love You, $26;

Just when you think Sedaris has mined every last bit of his life for comedy gold, he unearths more. The essays here are darker than their predecessors, but there’s no shortage of LOLs.

Calypso, $28;

After Roy, an up-and-coming black businessman, is convicted of a rape he didn’t commit, his wife must forge ahead alone. A timely, immersive novel.

An American Marriage, $26.95;

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