The Walking Dead: Maggie Isn't at Hilltop Anymore, but She Could Always Make a Comeback

Season nine of The Walking Dead has dropped a lot of bombshells on its viewers, like the “death” of leading man Rick Grimes and that whole six-year time jump. Though a lot of things have changed within the series’ established communities, there’s plenty of familiar faces around to keep fans happy. But one character in particular has been notably absent, leaving fans to wonder, “Where is Maggie Rhee?”

While characters like Rick and Paul “Jesus” Rovia have had very dramatic exits from the show, Maggie’s departure has been a lot more subtle and open-ended. The last time we see the former leader of Hilltop is in the first half of season nine, the very episode in which we witness Rick’s “death.” She spends most of the episode enacting a plot to kill Negan for murdering Glenn, but when she finally faces him in his prison, she decides to let him rot in his cell, instead. Soon after, she’s one of the many witnesses to Rick blowing up the bridge in an attempt to stop the walkers from invading any of the communities and has to hold back a grieving Michonne from rushing into the wreckage.

That’s the last time we ever see Maggie, but it isn’t the last time she’s mentioned. Season nine’s fifth episode, “Who Are You Now,” explains that Maggie packed up little Hershel and went to join Georgie’s camp. It explains why Jesus is left to handle Hilltop in her stead, while leaving room for Maggie to make a return should Lauren Cohan ever decide to come back to the show.

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