These are the jobs you could get as number of employers hiring staff rose in September

THERE'S a ray of hope for jobseekers as new figures show the number of vacancies increased for the first time since February.

Both permanent and temporary jobs increased in September as businesses reopened following the coronavirus lockdown.

It was the biggest monthly increase in staff hiring for two years.

Nearly 7000,000 Brits are out of work since March and the unemployment rate hit 4.1% in September.

The new findings come from the latest monthly jobs report produced by consultancy firm KPMG, the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) and IHS Markit which surveys hundreds of recruiters to understand hiring activity.

Hiring activity was recorded as 56 last month – anything over 50 is positive.

The biggest growth was seen in the Midlands for both permanent and temporary roles.

Hiring for permanent staff increased everywhere in England apart from London, where there was also a marginal decline in temporary hiring.

IT and computing along with construction and engineering saw the biggest rise in vacancies, while hotel, catering and retail jobs experienced the biggest fall.

A wave of redundancies have been announced in these sectors and Greene King the latest to announce that it will close 79 pubs and axe 800 jobs after the 10pm curfew was introduced.

Driver and warehouse worker were among the fastest growing temporary job vacancies.

Many supermarkets have created new jobs to support the increase in online deliveries in recent months, along with online retailers like Amazon.

Where job vacancies are rising

IT and computing (perm) – Agile Project Managers, Analysts, Data Scientists, Database Developers, Developers, Digital, IT, Java, Software, Software Engineers, Technical Managers, Technology

Engineering (perm and temp) – Design Engineers, Engineers, Field Service Engineers, Hardware Engineers

Construction (perm and temp) – including quantity surveyor

Accounting and financial (perm) – Accountants, Auditors, Credit Controllers, Estimators, Finance Financial Planners, Paraplanners, Payroll, Risk, Taxation

Nursing, medical and care (perm and temp) – Carers, Health Care Assistants, Nurses, Social Workers

Blue collar (perm and temp) – Drivers, Forklift Drivers, HGV Drivers, Industrials, Manufacturing, Refrigeration, Warehouse

The survey also found pay has been pushed down – the wave of redundancies caused by the pandemic has increased the number of candidates available for work.

Starting salaries for permanent staff fell in August and September and wages for temporary staff fell slightly too.P

Pressure on businesses budgets from the pandemic also contributed to pay falling.

Top 15 CV faux pas

THESE are the top 15 CV faux pas that you want to avoid when applying for a job:

  1. Telling lies
  2. Spelling errors
  3. Including a selfie as a picture
  4. Having a rude or inappropriate email address
  5. Making spelling, punctuation or grammar mistakes
  6. Using clichés such as 'always go the extra mile'
  7. No contact details
  8. Getting a company's name wrong
  9. Suspiciously long gaps between jobs
  10. Going across more than two pages of A4
  11. CVs which aren't CVs, such as a website or blog instead of a printed CV
  12. Layouts which are hard to understand/read
  13. Having hobbies which don't constitute as hobbies such as 'hanging out with friends'
  14. Using big fonts or strange layouts to make the CV look longer than it is
  15. Including part-time jobs which are no longer relevant

James Stewart, vice chair at KPMG, said: “While it’s encouraging to see a further recovery in hiring activity and that growth in permanent staff appointments was the strongest for almost two years, it’s concerning to see another rapid rise in total candidate availability.

“The Government has got challenging times ahead to continue to offer adequate support to business, opportunities for jobs seekers to upskill while helping instil confidence in the UK workforce.”

The government's furlough scheme will come to an end this month and the new Jobs Support Scheme will launch to help save some jobs which continue to be affected by the pandemic.

But the new scheme and other support measures will not prevent mass job losses, Mr Sunak has said.

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Cineworld has confirmed plans to temporarily close all 127 of its UK cinemas following the coronavirus crisis, affecting 5,500 employees.

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