These are the 'most searched for' baby names so far in 2020

When it comes to naming your baby, you might have something in mind already or you might be spending your time scrolling through baby name sites.

To help parents get an idea of what is popular, one baby name site has released their most searched monikers so far in 2020.

The Bump is a US-based site, which might affect results slightly but they get parents from across the world looking for ideas about what to name their little one.

The top names for girls were Mila, Aaliyah and Aurora and for boys it was Braxton, Zion and Hunter.

Surprisingly, the name Corona just about made the list, coming in at 100.

Of course, the results are all based on what people are searching for, rather than what they actually name their kids and it’s just an example of one site, but it gives an idea of some rising trends.

Posting on the site, The Bump said: ‘There are no doubt plenty of options out there to choose from—including names that may be more popular in other countries.

‘To help you on your quest for the perfect baby name, The Bump analyzed the names that were most popular on its own platform so far in 2020 and compiled them into a list.’

Top 100 Names for Girls

Top 100 Names for Boys:

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