These hilarious wildlife photos are so bad they turn out to be good

You won’t see these in National Geographic! Wacky wildlife photos capture animals in hilarious predicaments

  • People from all over the world have shared terrible pictures of animals in the wild
  • Snaps were gathered in Facebook group dedicated to bad wildlife photography
  • One snap shows a raccoon stuck in a hole with half of his body sticking out

People from all over the world have been gleefully sharing the terrible wildlife pictures of animals they have taken. 

From a raccoon stuck in a hole to a frog in a sink in Michigan, amateur photographers have delighted with their mishaps. 

The pictures were shared on Facebook group C*** Wildlife Photography, which celebrates bad snaps taken from the wild, and resurfaced on Bored Panda

Snaps include a close up of a common fly stuck in a fence and a parrot can be seen spreading its legs on a fence. 

Fending off the fans! A woman from Florida snapped this funny picture of an exasperated-looking owl 

 The photographer behind this hilarious snap explained the elk began to sniff the deer just as she took the picture 

 In Idaho, a mother explained she photographed this poor fly after it got caught in her kids’ trampoline. She then helped it free itself 

In Belgium, a seagull was spotted walking around the seafront with a piece of toast stuck around her beak

A woman, believed to be from the US, helped this raccoon free himself from this hole but could not resist snapping his picture beforehand

 In Spokane, Washington, a yellow exotic bird was photographed with his legs stretched on a fence, much like action movies legend Jean Claude Van Damme 

Spot the bat?  A Sydney-based man was surprised to find the little creature hanging from a  plant by his house  

In Sydney, a woman tried to take a picture  of a cute squirrel, but was too slow and only managed to capture his tail 

A man, whose location is unknown, has revealed how he heard someone knock on his door and went out to find out it was this sociable owl that had been calling on him 

Defying gravity! In Thailand, a passer-by was shocked when he spotted this crocodile hanging from a roof 

 A man managed to make it look like this bear had wing after snapping this picture at the same time a bird was taking flight behind him 

 Its spidey senses are tingling! One man’s flash camera made it look like this spider was glowing in the dark in the Philippines

 This cheeky deer stuck his tongue out while an amateur photographer was trying to take his portrait 

Out of focus! A woman from the Netherlands was trying to take a picture of a snail but struggled with the settings on her camera and, instead, only captured his  eye 

In Michigan, one mother explained her daughter had managed to take this picture of a squirrel, which looked as if it was riding the horse on their welcome sign 

In Hartland, Michigan, one person managed to take a picture of this tiny frog cosying it up in the family’s sink

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