This birthing selfie stick can prank expectant moms this Christmas

For the Instagram mom who’s a little too close to her followers, novelty gift seller Prank-O is selling a “Birthie Stick.”

The gag gift box — which does not actually include a modified selfie stick — is meant to serve as a container for a (hopefully) more appropriate gift. The box, which is going for $7.99 on Amazon, purports to provide a gadget which can be mounted to the inner thighs — à la the Thighmaster — and has a smartphone attachment in the middle that would capture every screaming moment of your labor.

“A baby’s arrival is a magical event. And there’s only one chance to get the shot,” the package reads.

“Birthie Stick is sturdy and fully adjustable, allowing you to capture every contraction with confidence,” writes imaginary creator Brandi Rae James on the box. “Why selfishly live in a moment when you can be sharing it with the world?”

“That question is what led me to create the Birthie Stick. After watching too many boring, low-quality delivery room videos, I knew my angel’s arrival needed breakthrough, cinematography,” she continues.

While it’s just an empty box, the top-notch spoof’s copy-writing alone is well worth the under-$10 price tag.

“Childbirth isn’t something you want to keep to yourself,” the box reads. “The Birthie Stick was designed to provide steady, high-quality video of the blessed event using just a smartphone. So friends, family and followers can enjoy a close-up perspective of your baby’s emergence from the womb.

“Content doesn’t get any fresher!” the package proclaims.

The parody present has at least one happy customer, who wrote with their 5-star review, “Great gag gift! Worth the laughs! Will buy again!”

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