This ‘Pump Rules’ Detail Hints James Could Get Fired…Again

Oh, James Kennedy. Just when you think the Vanderpump Rules busboy-turned-DJ can’t make the same mistakes he’s been making for, well, the past five years, he goes and does! Or at least that’s what it seems like on Vanderpump Rules. James has been fired and re-hired a few times at SUR, but does James still DJ at SUR on Vanderpump Rules? In Season 7, it seems like he’s going to be back on the unemployment line.

James’ problems always lie in the fact that he drinks too much and crosses the line when he’s drunk. For examples, see every season of Vanderpump Rules that he’s been a part of. It’s like he can’t help himself… or just can’t control himself. James worked his way up from busboy to DJ at SUR because Lisa Vanderpump is not a stupid woman. She knows that James draws a crowd with his DJ set, mostly because of the sho and because his DJ night has a funny name: See You Next Tuesday. But she also knows that James can’t be getting drunk and starting fights at SUR, so she’s relieved him from his duties before. According to the preview for the rest of Season 7, it sure seems like Lisa does it again.

In the Season 7 premiere, there’s some drama about how, in one of his DJ sets, James made a reference to Jax cheating on Brittany with Faith — last season’s biggest source of tension. Brittany works at SUR, and obviously, she doesn’t want James screaming about this very difficult thing that happened to her while she’s trying to deliver $34 entrees of grilled chicken to her tables. Afterward, Jax came in and threatened to beat James up. Considering it’s generally bad business to have people threatening violence in the middle of service, Lisa might have had to once again put James on probation — or fire him — to cut down on the drama.

That said, whatever consequences, if any, Lisa laid down, they didn’t last for long. James is still playing DJ sets at SUR, as demonstrated by his tweets encouraging people to visit SUR to see his DJ sets:

The self-described "white Kanye West" isn’t just spinning records in West Hollywood, though. According to his Instagram feed, he’s been making appearances in Buffalo, New York; Charleston, South Carolina; and Hermosa Beach, California, to name a few.

And James is obviously not hurting too badly, because in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, he proclaimed that Season 7 is "the best season ever." Firings and broken friendships aside, whatever happens to James in Season 7 is not that terrible, as he still has a job and a girlfriend in Raquel. For better or for worse (mostly worse), James Kennedy is like Teflon — nothing bad happens to this guy for that long. That said, maybe he’ll grow up sooner rather than later. Even Jax got his act together long enough to propose to Brittany and get his job back at SUR. It could happen for James, too.

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