Three-legged puppy abandoned due to disability finds home in time for Christmas

When Amanda and Steve Hofford heard about Roo the whippet, they knew they had to have her in their lives.

Young Roo was born with one front leg and her owners handed her over to an animal charity as didn’t have time to care for her.

When she was two months old, Blue Cross put her in a foster home, but thankfully she has now found a forever home with the Hoffords – in time for the holiday season.

Amanda said: ‘We had never been without a dog for 34 years so to say that we all felt the loss was an understatement.

‘All our previous six dogs had been rescue dogs, so it was a no-brainer to rescue again.

‘When we saw her on the Blue Cross website, she was absolutely adorable.’

The Blue Cross said Roo has quickly settled into her new home and is proving to be a very popular girl.

‘She was a much wanted and needed addition to our family,’ said Amanda. ‘Everyone she meets and greets falls in love with her.

‘She is so funny, inquisitive, loving, lively, and we wouldn’t be without her.’

These days, Roo’s hobbies include cuddling up on the sofa with her family, making friends with other dogs in the park and playing with her toys.

Amanda said: ‘When Roo came to us, she had been so wonderfully taken care of by her foster family and Blue Cross that she was a delight.

‘She settled straight away on the first day, it was like she had lived here her whole little life.

‘She has a front leg missing, but this is no obstacle to her at all. She runs around, flies up and down the stairs and does absolutely everything a four-legged dog would do.

‘Absolutely nothing stops her, we often forget she has a leg missing as this has never been an issue.

‘We have had to make no accommodations to her being three-legged because she takes her whole life in her stride and lives it to the full.’

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