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ASDA is a hotspot for bargain hunters – and you could save even more if you know exactly what to buy.

We've come up with three things that should always be on your shopping list so you can cut costs at Asda.

But there's a thing you should leave firmly behind on the shelf too.

The supermarket giant has more than 600 stores across the country.

If you don't know where your nearest Asda is, you can use the store locator tool on the supermarket's website or you can browse online.

Keep in mind these tips will only be useful to you if you need certain products – it's only a bargain if you're after it on the day.


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Always make sure to also shop around in case you find the same items cheaper elsewhere.

Without further ado, let's get into what you should and shouldn't buy at Asda.

What to buy at Asda

Bits from the own-brand budget range

Supermarkets tend to put more expensive brands at eye-level, so one way to slash your spending is to bend down.

On the lower shelves, you'll find cheaper items like own-brand goods that are just a fraction of the cost.

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The supermarkets try on this layout trick so that consumers spot the top dollar products first and, particularly if they're in a rush, will add them straight to their basket without a second thought.

Meanwhile, all the budget bits are on the bottom shelf where they're less visible, and likely to go quietly unnoticed.

And Asda launched its Just Essentials range last year, everything from meat to dairy products, and cupboard essentials at rock bottom prices.

As well as foodie bits at a budget price, the line includes household and toiletry products like washing-up liquid, toilet roll, laundry powder, shampoo and conditioner.

Something for the house

Visiting the supermarket might not be what immediately springs to mind when you're thinking about refurbishing the house.

But you can pick up some great homeware bargains from Asda's George Home arm.

The supermarket stocks everything from bargain hot tubs to rattan garden furniture.

The products are a bit more expensive than your bread and milk, so of course, you have to keep in mind that it's only a bargain if you were planning on splashing out anyway.

But it can save you overspending when you can pick up near dupes of more expensive brands like Dunelm.

Gadgets like air fryers

It doesn't just have to be about food and furniture – there are electricals and tech you can bag at a bargain price at Asda too.

And the supermarket often stocks air fryers for knock-down prices.

These cooking gadgets make cooking easy, use less oil, and can help you cut back on your energy bills.

One shopper recently posted in the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook group to say they had found an air fryer in store for just £25.

What to give a miss

Your lunch

Like plenty of other supermarkets and stores, Asda has its own Meal Deal.

But the budget supermarket prices up its combo offer a little different to most.

Instead of allowing you to choose a sandwich, a drink, and a snack all for a set price, Asda offers a buy two get one free deal instead.

It's no good if you've got expensive taste then, as you'd pay for the priciest options, and whatever is cheapest in your basket is free.

Shoppers can usually take advantage of other supermarket's meal deals, like Tesco, for example, by picking the most expensive products to make the biggest saving with its set meal deal price.

The priciest main item we spotted on the Tesco website was a gluten free chicken and bacon mayo sandwich for £2.80.

The Naked tropical smoothie is £2.36 and the most expensive drink you can get in the deal, while snacks cost up to £1, including a Soreen snack pack and a Peperami.

That would add up to £6.16 without the deal, but you can get the lot for £3.40 in its meal deal if you have a Clubcard, and £3.90 if you don't – a saving of £2.76 and £2.26 respectively.

You couldn't do the same at Asda and you'd end up spending more on the priciest picks alone.

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