'Throuple' with five kids move in new woman to marital home

Woman who formed a throuple with a husband and wife she met while still married to her husband says she is ‘not straight or lesbian’ as they raise their five children as a ‘blended family’

  • Michelle Martinez Sarasola, 39, was a client at the married couple’s gym 
  • Becky and Cody Watkins own a Crossfit gym in Florida and married 10 years ago
  • The ‘throuple’ aren’t without challenges as not everybody approves 

A woman who is in a full sexual and emotional ‘throuple’ relationship with a married woman and her husband says she is neither straight nor a lesbian.

Dr Michelle Martinez Sarasola, 39, was married to a man when she met married couple Cody Watkins, 40, and Becky Watkins, 33, from Florida, after joined their Crossfit gym. 

After initially spending time together as friends, the throuple began a romantic relationship and now live together with their combined five children. 

This ‘throuple’ insists that ‘three is better than two’ when navigating life’s challenges but says the lifestyle isn’t for everyone – Becky (left) has been married to Cody  (center) since last year and in 2020 she met Michelle (right)

Strangers make comments to Cody (left) when out and about with Becky (background left) and Michelle (right) – asking him ‘how he did it’ or calling him a ‘lucky guy’

Becky (right) and Michelle (left) started off as fast friends when they met through the gym and then it developed into something more 

Michelle (pictured left) still insists she is not fully lesbian and said her feelings for Becky (pictured right) came as a surprise

Between them the couple have five children: Enzo,11, (center) Eden,7 (far right)and Eli, 9 (center right) are Michelle’s children and Mira, 11 (center right) and Titus, 6 (foreground center) are Becky and Cody’s children

Michelle explained how she does not consider herself a lesbian, despite enjoying a sexual relationship with her partner Becky.

‘Becky is the only woman I have dated or had feelings for,’ she said.

‘I remember when Becky and I started having feelings for each other and talking about same sex.

‘I have prior to this dated men and was married for a few years with three children, so my feelings for Becky came as a surprise.

Becky and Cody Watkins (pictured) got married last year after 14 years together and two children aged 11 and six

Cody and Becky (pictured) met over a decade ago and have had a traditional relationship together with their children, they have been running a Crossfit gym where they met Michelle

Becky (right) met Michelle (left) through the gym, when Michelle wanted to tone up after having a third child with her then husband

Michelle (pictured left) would have described herself as ‘straight’ and has been married, but since meeting Becky she wouldn’t describe herself as ‘straight’ or ‘lesbian’ 

Michelle (pictured left) claims that Becky(pictured right) is the only woman that she has had romantic and sexual feelings towards

The throuple decided to get matching ink earlier this year to commemorate their relationship together Michelle (left) Becky (right) and Cody (center) with the tattooist (far left)

The throuple enjoy time out together. Becky(left) who say that life as a trio ‘isn’t without it’s challenges’ and dentist Michelle (pictured right) has the support of her sisters but not her parents

Becky (left) and Michelle(right) started to have feelings for one another and discussed same-sex relationships early on 

Newly single Michelle(right) began joining the couple initially as three friends enjoying common interests such as boarding and the gym

The throuple say that their five children Enzo (center next to Michelle), Eden (left of Michelle) Eli (in front of Michelle) Mira (font center) and Titus (Right of Becky) together love playing with each other and are of similar ages

‘If you were to ask me a couple of years ago, I would definitely say no, I’m not bisexual. Now, I consider myself definitely not straight or a lesbian.’

Michelle and Becky became fast friends, they stayed close throughout Michelle’s divorce from her ex-husband in 2020.

Newly single Michelle began joining the couple initially as three friends enjoying common interests.

The trio quickly fell in love and after a few months, they blended their families together to create what they call ‘The Modern Family’.

Michelle (left) and Becky (right) became friends in 2020 and Becky supported Michelle through her divorce to her ex-husband

Michelle’s kids are Enzo 11, Eli 9, Eden 7; Becky and Cody’s are Mira, 11, and Titus 6.

Blending this family of eight doesn’t come without its challenges.

While the throuple have largely been accepted by their friends, some of their family members disapprove strongly.

‘Out of all of us, my parents have taken our relationship the worst,’ said Becky. ‘I grew up in a strongly Christian household so my parents do not agree with our relationship dynamic.

‘Michelle’s parents are also not thrilled about her being with us, but her sisters are incredibly supportive.’ 

She described the reaction of strangers when they are spotted together in public, and indulge in a public display of affection.

Cody’s father wasn’t sure of Michelle (pictured with Cody) at first, and was concerned that a new addition to the household might cause issues for Cody and Becky but has come around after seeing how happy they all are 

Becky’s (pictured right) parents are religious and do not approve of the throuple’s modern lifestyle together but their friends are largely supportive Michelle’s (left) parents aren’t happy either and Cody’s (pictured center) father wasn’t happy to begin with

Michelle said: ‘There have been times where we are arm and arm with Cody, and a stranger might say something like ‘lucky guy’ or ‘how do you do it?” 

Cody’s father initially had reservations and was worried Michelle would affect Cody and Becky’s relationship, but after meeting her and seeing the dynamic in person he sees just how happy the three of them are together.

The throuple faced their share of challenges at the start of their relationship, and they admit jealous feelings can arise, however they resolve them via strong communication.

Becky admits having five kids in the same house can get noisy, but all the kids love being raised in the ‘Modern Family’.

As well as ‘throuple’ dates the trio enjoys time alone with each partner to foster individual connections to make their relationship ‘stronger’ Michelle (left) and Becky (right) pictured at the beach together

Jealousy can arise in the relationship but the trio insists that they made communication a priority from the start. Michelle (left), Cody (center) and Becky (right) pictured promoting a plant based lifestyle at the Crossfit gym 

She said: ‘All our children fall within the same age bracket of six to eleven years old and they all get along great, they are step-siblings. Communication was the biggest thing that we established right from the start.

‘We really tried to foster really open communication between all of us, otherwise this wouldn’t work.’

The couple navigates spending time together by having throuple date day every Friday and creating time for each person to connect individually with another.

She said:’I wouldn’t say we have a system nailed down for the exact time spent together.

‘We tend to do stuff together, the three of us all the time, even if it’s just making dinner together or grocery shopping.

‘We also try to schedule one on one time individually, so I and Michelle do things together, and Cody and Michelle and me and Cody.

‘Developing these individual relationships is key to strengthening the bond between the three of them.

‘Becoming a throuple isn’t easy and isn’t the answer for every relationship, but with clear and honest communication, you may realize that three is better than two when facing life’s challenges. ‘

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