TikToker Discovers She Has 50 Siblings After DNA Test

… and is now worried she may end up dating one of them.

A New Jersey woman who did a DNA test to learn about her ancestry ended up learning a lot more. A lot lot more.

Izzy, 23, posted her story on TikTok, detailing how she allegedly discovered she had 50 siblings — and is now worried she might end up dating one of them unbeknownst.

“In 2018 I did an Ancestry DNA test to see where I’m actually from,” she shared in the video. “I get my results back and find out I’m not as Italian as I thought…”

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Izzy said soon after, she got a message from a “random woman” asking if she was related to a specific family, because she had matched with her daughter; she queried if Izzy was a “sperm donor baby” like her daughter was.

“… and now I’m freaking out bc she could be my sister bc I am a donor baby,” Izzy revealed.

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She said her donor’s half sister then also matched with her and sent her a DM telling her that all the mothers who used the same sperm donor have a private Facebook group, and suggested she join it.

“I join the page and turns out there are over 50 of us who are siblings and children of the same [sperm] donor… and we’re all different ages…”

“Now there’s paranoia about overpopulation because some of them are afraid there are so many of us and we may end up dating someone who happens to be a sibling.”

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Izzy, who was raised by her two moms along with her two triplet brothers, actually posted a pic of her super-fertile donor dad, but quickly removed it after realizing it was a breach of his privacy.

In a follow–up video, she said she has not tried to strike up a relationship with any of her new-found relatives, because it was “uncomfortable and awkward.”

“I wanted to add that it’s not that I never want to get to know my siblings, I may try to build a relationship with them later in life, just not now,” she added.

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Many of the commenters pointed out that the situation was more common than many people realize; however just as many were as freaked out as Izzy was.

“All jokes aside this is scary and there should be laws about how many laws one donor can be used lol,” one wrote.

Another suggested: “Hey I have a fun silly cute first date idea: DNA TESTS.”

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