Tiny So Proud To Wear The Diamond Chain T.I. Gave Her For Christmas: It Has A ‘Very Personal’ Meaning

T.I. made sure wife Tiny knew how loved and cherished she was for Christmas in 2018. We’ve got details on the very special meaning behind her blingy new ‘Mrs. Harris’ necklace.

Who needs Santa when your family knows how to step it up with gorgeous and meaningful gifts. Tiny Harris was beyond thrilled that husband T.I.,38, surprised her with a stunning gold and diamond necklace that spelled out “Mrs. Harris” (T.I.’s real name is Clifford Joseph Harris Jr.). Two years ago they were on the verge of divorce and now their marriage is stronger than ever. Tip really is a pro at gift giving, as he presented Tiny with a high-end luxury sports car for her 43rd birthday in July along with tons of fashionable Christian Louboutin shoes. But being sentimentally reminded by her husband that she’s Mrs. H at Christmastime is something so special to the Xscape singer.

“Tiny was completely shocked and surprised by T.I.’s romantic gift this year. The last thing she expects in the world to get from him was a chain with Mrs. H on it because right before Christmas he made some comments about how they were too grown for that kind of thing. But it turns out he was just saying that to throw her off and make it an even bigger surprise,” a source close to Tiny tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY.

“Mrs. H is his pet name for her so it really had a lot of personal meaning. And she loves that T.I. wants to claim her and announce to the world that she’s his forever, it’s just so romantic. Things with them are so great right now and T.I.’s thoughtful and romantic gift was icing on the cake,” the insider continues. It was truly a Christmas to remember for Tiny, as her kids got in on showering their mom with gifts that she loved. In a Dec. 26 Instagram pic, the mom of four showed off that daughter Zonnique Pullins, 22, gave her Chanel kicks and son Clifford “King” Harris, 14, surprised his mom with a bracelet.

“Tiny believes that she and T.I. have been in a good place and it honestly didn’t have anything to do with the holidays. She’s considered him ‘her man’ as she likes to say well before the holidays, though she absolutely loved how close they were during the time together with the family,” a second source tells us EXCLUSIVELY. “She feels good about the direction things are currently heading in. Tiny plans on putting a lot of focus into working with her Xscape band members again and she’s really excited about that. She loves being with those girls and on the road with them and is really focusing on that going into the new year.” With her Mrs. Harris necklace, no matter where she is Tiny will be reminded of her man.

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