Toby Carvery makes big buffet and all-you-can-eat changes when it reopens Monday – 7 other changes explained

TOBY Carvery has made big changes to the way customers will be served when it reopens for indoor dining on Monday, May 17.

Buffet and carvery stations will be open, but customers will no longer be able to serve themselves.

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Instead, a Toby Carvery team member will dish up your meal onto your plate.

The changes made to the way customers can get their food are the same as those put in last year by the chain when it reopened in June after the previous lockdown.

You’ll have to wait to be called up to the station when it’s your turn.

You might have to queue up while waiting for your grub – but social distancing measures will be in place and monitored, Toby Carvery confirmed to The Sun.

You will still be able to customise your meal depending on how you like it –  and you can still choose how many items you want on your plate.

The British grub favourite also listed seven other changes that customers will need to be aware of when it reopens for indoor dining on May 17.

We round up what you need to know below.

1. Wear a mask

Masks must be worn at all times when you are not seated at your table.

You’ll have to wear one while queuing outside to enter the restaurant too.

However, Brits might be able to ditch face coverings as early as June 21 in some cases.

The Sun revealed the government is aiming to scrap the rule when all Covid restrictions are due to lift.

2. Gift cards

Toby Carvery is giving hungry diners longer to spend their gift cards.

Those that expired between March 20 and May 16 last year will be extended to September 25 this year.

The chain announced the good news on Twitter earlier this week.

It urged customers to “dig down the back of your sofa” and “check your wallet or purse, inbox or messages” for forgotten vouchers.

3. Test and Trace

Like all other pubs and restaurants, Toby Carvery will be telling customers they must sign in using the NHS Test and Trace app.

All punters and customers aged 16 and over must do this, according to the rules.

4. Use hand sanitiser stations 

Toby Carvery will have hand sanitiser stations placed at the entrance of its restaurants. 

Before you enter, you must sanitise your hands. 

5. Follow social distancing rules

Social distancing rules are still in place in public places, shops and pubs.

When visiting a Toby Carvery, make sure to follow one way signs around the restaurants.

These are in place to make sure social distancing is maintained.

6. Cleaning measures

Toby Carvery said that it will be keeping its “extensive cleaning and hygiene practices” in place from last year, when pubs reopened in June after the previous lockdown.

It hasn’t confirmed exactly what those practices are, but we assume the chain will be upping its cleaning routine like other businesses such as Ikea and Odeon.

7. Covid tests

Staff will be encouraged to take Covid tests twice a week, Toby Carvery said.

According to government rules, customers will be told to book a test immediately if they have sat next to a Covid-positive drinker in a pub or restaurant.

We list all the businesses opening on May 17 in next stage of the lockdown roadmap.

Family and friends WILL also be allowed to hug from May 17 as lockdown is eased.

Plus, Brits will be able to meet their loved ones inside their homes again.

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