Tom Brady Breaks NFL Record for Oldest Player to Score Multiple Rushing Touchdowns in a Game

Tom Brady may be one of the oldest players in the NFL, but the New England Patriots quarterback is still breaking records.

During Thursday’s game against the New York Giants, Brady, 42, became the oldest player to score multiple rushing touchdowns in a game.

In the game, the athlete’s first rushing touchdown took place in the second quarter, leading the team to go into halftime with a 21-14 lead. Brady went on to score his second of the night with just minutes left on the clock. The last time Brady scored multiple rushing touchdowns in a game was back in 2011, USA Today noted.

Speaking with reporters following the game, Julian Edelman — who was last year’s Super Bowl MVP — went on to praise his teammate as being the “best QB sneaker of all time,” according to CBSN Boston.

The previous record was set by Doug Flutie in November 2003 when he was 41.

By the end of the night, the Patriots outscored the Giants 35-14, continuing their season of successive victories.

However, that wasn’t the only accomplishment Brady picked up during Thursday’s game.

Within the first quarter, Brady also moved into the No. 2 spot on the NFL’s passing yardage list, bumping Peyton Manning down a peg.

Brady, who has now logged 72,257 yards over his lengthy career, is just over two thousand yards short of the all-time record, which is held by New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees.

However, as ESPN notes, if the NFL were to factor in postseason games into their calculations, Brady would hold the top spot.

Tom Brady

Although Brady has accomplished many things throughout his career — and will undoubtedly continue to break records, as he’s set to play with the Patriots through 2022 — the athlete chooses to keep the focus on his team as a whole.

“I think having a lot of perspective on things like this is where I like to come from. I don’t believe football is an individual sport,” Brady said on Monday during a radio interview on Westwood One.

“There’s nothing you can accomplish in football without everybody else doing their job. And I think I’ve always taken the football because of that. I’m not a golfer, I don’t play tennis. You look at some of these individual sports, and yeah it’s amazing, and there’s great accomplishment, but I think the joy in sports for me is the relationships that I’ve built with my teammates, with my coaches and with the organization I’ve represented,” he added. “So because I’ve been fortunate to play in the same place for 20 years with great teammates, I’ve been able to pile up a lot of individual statistics, but the reality for me is all those, I share with all the guys that I’ve played with.”

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