Tommy Lee Jones’ tattoos represent ‘strength and masculinity’ – meaning behind

Pam & Tommy: Lily James stars in Disney+ trailer

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Disney+ launched the greatly anticipated Pam & Tommy, which retells the infamous tale of model Pamela Anderson and musician Tommy Lee Jones. Here’s the story behind Motley Crue founder and drummer’s tattoos.

According to Bodys Jewelry Reviews, Tommy is “one of the hottest tattooed celebrities”.

The musician is practically synonymous with tattoos.

Starting with his face, the left side of his face boasts a tattoo of a star, with some small stars dotted around it, and below it a music note formed into a heart, to honour his passion for music.

His right cheek contains a Japanese phrase.

His neck has two tattoos; on the right, a silhouette of a woman lying down, surrounded by flames, and on the left, a vibrant red lipstick kiss.

His chest is flanked by two lion heads that face each other.

Body Art Guru stated: “Lee got these lions tattooed on his chest as they are a symbol of strength, victory, and masculinity.”

In the centre of his chest, Tommy has a tattoo spelling out the word ‘Mayhem’, likely because he founded the rap metal band Methods of Mayhem.

Just below his belly button, he has a tattoo of the ‘Om’ symbol and lotus flower, with Body Art Guru commenting: “The Om symbol comes from the Hindu religion and is a hymn that represents the essence of all living things and the sound or chant of the universe.

“The lotus flower is a symbol of endured hardships and struggles as it is a flower that blooms even in mud. It is also a symbol of rebirth.”

He gave fans a glimpse of a new tattoo in October 2020, two guns just above where his trouser pockets would be.

He captioned the Instagram photo “Draw mutha*“, and received a mixed bag of comments.

One fan, Brandon Johnson, commented: “That’s an awesome tattoo bro.”

Instagram user Mark Fair wasn’t impressed, and branded Tommy a “Goofy drug addict”.

@wwaaveey stated: “His body is a sketching book.”

His back is inked with “inconspicuous” wings hidden by a tribal pattern, which Body Art Guru suggested indicates “freedom and free will”.

On his right shoulder, there’s an image of a boy holding a girl close to him, surrounded by smaller patterns.

Arguably one of his most vibrant tattoos, his upper arm and most of his forearm is covered with a cheetah design.

Body Art Guru suggested: “The cheetah is a symbol of agility and seduction, which is the reason why Tommy got it on his body as he considers himself a ladies’ man.”

His right bicep and the inner side of his right forearm is tattooed with a jungle scene, consisting of leaves and vines entwined, which complements the cheetah.

A blue-tongued skeleton head wearing a black top hat graces his lower right forearm.

Moving on to Tommy’s left arm, the Motley Crue drummer has the band’s name written on his shoulder, alongside a mismatch of tattoos including a lightning bolt, Chinese symbol and flowers.

Swimming lower down his arm are two orange koi fish, which are a symbol of “independence and good luck”, as reported by Body Art Guru.

Much like his right arm, he also has tattoos of flowers and vines on his left.

The upper side of both Tommy’s wrists are home to his sons’ names, Dylan and Brandon, which are the most sentimental of his tattoos.

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The star motif continues from the musician’s face to his hands, which both boast a red and black star.

His hand tattoos include: a swirl tattoo on his right index finger indicating a ring, a diamond on his left index finger, five parallel lines that resemble scratches on his left hand, and a small flamingo on his left hand.

Tommy’s left thigh is tattooed with a band of geometric shapes, faces and symbols, and a large portion of his leg contains a tattoo of a nude woman.

Completing the tattoos on his left leg is a small floral motif on his ankle.

His right leg and hip is home to his biggest tattoo to date; it shows an eagle sitting on a branch which emerges from a tree.

Body Art Guru analysed the tattoo and stated: “Tommy got this tattoo to show his love for the country he was born in, Greece, and the country that he grew up and now lives in, America. In Greece, the eagle is considered a symbol of virility and strength and it is also the symbol of American culture.”

The star is clearly not shy of needles, as he also has both nipples pierced.

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