Tragic family’s home destroyed in fire as they sat with dying son in hospital

A family's house caught fire while their son was fighting for his life at hospital in a devastating turn of events.

Parents Sharon and Phil Acreman were with their son, Bleddyn, 26 at hospital where he took his final breaths after his body succumbed to a rare genetic disease he was diagnosed with at birth.

Little did they know their home in Penygraig, Rhondda in Wales went ablaze on July 23, destroying their entire property.

One of their sons, Jason, ringed his parents telling them the horrific news, Wales Online reports.

Bleddyn, who was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy died just five days later after the ordeal.

Sharon told Wales Online: "My son, Bleddyn, was rushed into hospital a fortnight ago last Monday with breathing difficulties.

"He was coming on really well and then on the Sunday morning, quite quickly and unexpectedly, he passed away.

"He was doing fine, then all of a sudden, his heart couldn't take it any more.

"The age limit for his condition is 26. Unfortunately, he was 26.

"We were expecting him home, but he had had a bad night, and then from 6.55am to 7.05am, it's just ten minutes, that's all it was.

"It was quite quick for him in the end.

"We're just devastated."

Shannon added: "While we were in the hospital, the house caught on fire and basically we've got nothing at the moment.

"I was at the hospital and my son ran out the house and called the neighbour who rang me.

"That was devastating.

"I came home from the hospital for about 30 minutes and there was nothing I could do.

"The upstairs is totally gone, nothing of it is savageable.

"Downstairs some furniture might be able to be saved.

"In Bleddyn's bedroom downstairs is perfectly fine."

Philip and Sharon are now living in a caravan while their four other sons, Ieuan, Carwyn, Jake and Jason are staying in different homes as the parents struggle to find a new home.

"Me and my husband are still in the caravan but our sons are elsewhere," Sharon said.

"If the boys stayed in the caravan, it would be too cramped.

"We're gutted that were not together at this time."

Now the local community are now trying to help clothe and find goods for the family to rebuild their lives.

"We're just so grateful to everybody," Sharon said. "You don't realise how much people are willing to give.

"We are grateful to everyone who has donated. We're just overwhelmed by all the help we've been given.

"Even if it's just a chat or a cup of tea, they've all been there for us.

"The support we've had is just second to none."

Sharon said the ordeal had left her and her family "numb".

"It doesn't seem as if all this has happened," she said. "It's like a dream and I'll wake up and Bleddyn will be here and the house will be too.

"We knew Bleddyn's condition would happen, but you never think it will. We're just numb."

The family want to pay tribute to their "funny" and "witty" son.

"He was just so funny, a witty boy," Sharon said.

"He had learned to drive, but five years ago, he got really ill. He was on a driving test and passed out and was on life support for weeks.

"We were told he would have passed his test.

"He loved working on cars. You name it, he would do it.

"He did anything for a laugh.

"He was born with his condition, but we didn't know until he was four. He walked until he was 10 and then he had to go into a wheelchair because then it was dangerous for him to be walking.

"He is going to be really missed."

A funeral for Bleddyn will take place on August 12, at Coychurch Crematorium in Bridgend.

A spokeswoman for Rhondda Housing Association said: "A  fire took place at one of our properties late on Tuesday evening of last week.

"The fire affected the adjoining property and both are in our management. Our staff and the Fire service were on site immediately and the tenants were evacuated safely from the properties by the fire service.

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