Transgender man is asked to go as a bridesmaid to mother's wedding

He then explained what the mother’s reaction was.

‘I know what transgenders are, what does this have to do with the wedding?’ the mum asked, following it up with ‘So what can you be at the wedding?’

The poster continued to narrate his feelings at her reaction, saying: ‘I got pretty silent after this. Because even though she’s been a b*tch to me my whole life, I thought for some stupid reason she would care.’

He told Redditors that the timing of his coming out wasn’t ideal as weddings can be stressful but that he had tried to come out to her in the past but to no avail.

The poster explained that this was a new low for her as he was being forced to do something that’s uncomfortable to him.

‘My mum won’t let me wear a suit, pants suit, or simply not be up with her at the altar, she wants me to be up there with her, right close to her, because she has it in my future step dad’s family that she is close with all her children, despite the fact all three of us hardly want to be near her at any given day.’

Other posters offered words of encouragement and shared their own experiences with parents.

Some said urged the poster to cut the mum out of their life as nothing was worth risking his mental health over.

Families and weddings can certainly be tricky.

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