Trevor Noah Tears Up in Final Daily Show, Thanks Black Women, Fans: 'I Don't Take It for Granted'

The low-key final episode featured correspondents Roy Wood Jr., Jordan Klepper, Desi Lydic, Ronny Chieng and more, as well as comedian Neal Brennan.

When many late-night hosts bid farewell to the show that they’d given so many years to, they do it with huge fanfare and big celebrities. Trevor Noah took the opposite approach in his final “Daily Show” after seven years.

It was a low-key affair for the host, with appearances from correspondents like Roy Wood Jr., Jordan Klepper, Desi Lydic, Dulcé Sloan, Michael Kosta and Ronny Chieng. He also welcomed his long-time personal friend, comedian Neal Brennan.

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But mostly it was about saying farewell to one of the toughest gigs in Hollywood, as it was Noah who was selected to take over the flagship series after jon Stewart’s retirement.

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In his seven years, he continued Stewart’s thoughtful approach but managed to make the series his own. “I remember when we started the show, we couldn’t get enough people to fill an audience,” Noah said. “And then I look at this now, I don’t take it for granted ever.”

“Every seat that has ever been filled to watch something that I’m doing, I always appreciate, because I know the empty seat that sits behind it,” Noah continued. He even had love for his hate-watchers, because he “still got the ratings.”

Noah’s final outing featured a segment from each of his correspondents and a plea from Noah to try and stay positive amid this perception that things are growing bleaker and more divided than ever.

“Please don’t forget the world is a friendlier place than the Internet or the news would make you think,” he told his viewers. It was one of the three thing he said he’s learned during his time on the show.

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The other two are that politics is a made-up way to solve things, and that context matters — and more importantly is to remember just how much context matters.

Outside of his fans and those who’ve stood by him all these years, Noah saved his biggest thanks for Black women, even while admitting it was “so random to some.”

But Noah stands by it, saying to all of those who’ve called him smart in what he does, “Who do you think teaches me? Who do you think has shaped me, nourished me, informed me? From my mom, my grand, my aunts — all these Black women in my life.”

He went on to say that if you truly want to know what America is all about, “talk to Black women,” because “they know what happens if things do not go the way it should. They cannot afford to f— around and find out.”

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“Black people understand how hard it is … When things go bad, Black people know that it gets worse for them,” Noah said. “Black women, in particular, they know what s— is, genuinely.”

When “The Daily Show” returns on Tuesday, January 17 it will play host to a series of guests behind the desk, including Chelsea Handler, Sarah Silverman, Marlon Wayans, Hasan Minahj, Al Franken, Leslie Jones, Kal Penn, D.L. Hughley, John Leguizamo, and Wanda Sykes.

A permanent host hast not yet been announced, but you can bet executives will be watching these guests hosts — and considering the show’s correspondents.

At the same time, Noah came from virtually nowhere so far as the general public knew to take on one of the biggest jobs in television — so maybe the new face of “The Daily Show” will be one most Americans have never seen before.

You can watch more from Noah’s super-sized farewell below.

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