UK drivers face £2,500 fine if their cars aren’t prepared for winter

Colder weather is right around the corner now with darker nights set to hit the UK.

With lower temperatures comes a huge deal of responsibility, especially behind the wheel.

Now drivers have been warned they could face a mega fine if their car isn't ready for winter.

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And experts from Wessex Fleet shared their tips to getting your car prepared for the season.

WalesOnline reports the first step is getting rid of fallen leaves as they can damage your car's paintwork.

If you park under a tree often or leave it in the same position, it's important to get the autumn leaves off quick.

The second step is checking your tyres as the road surface could become more wet and icy these days.

You should regularly check your wheels anyway, but having the wrong tyre pressure can lead to a £2,500 fine.

It's important to visually check all your tyres for any cracks, cuts or bulges – and make sure there's a spare one ready.

Make sure to refill your fluids throughout the year as well as it's important to do this over winter.

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When it comes to windscreens, the Highway Code states this should be maintained in good condition as well.

Repairing any chips is also a vital step and well worth investing in as they can damage quickly in winter.

Batteries are more likely to die during winter.

When cold weather comes, many drivers also benefit from putting an insulated waterproof cover over their windscreen to prevent ice from building up on the windscreen overnight.

It's much more convenient and quicker on a frosty morning to remove a cover than to clear the windscreen, it also reduces the risk of accidental damage caused by the tools used to do so.

Rule 229 of the Highway Code states you must demist the vehicle, clear all mirrors and windows, clean your lights to ensure they are not covered in any frost or something similar and make sure your number plate is visible.

Simon Naylor, director of Wiltshire-based Wessex Fleet, said: "It's important to make sure your car is prepared for any time of year, but as we approach the colder months it's a good idea to give your car a look over and check it's all in good shape. If you don't feel comfortable doing so, you could also take it to a local garage.

"Make sure your tyres are at the right pressure, to avoid a fine and loss of traction on the roads, and we recommend keeping a winter emergency kit in your car, in case any incidents occur."

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