Ukrainian newsreader is forced to stop Loose Women interview

Moment ‘incredibly brave’ Ukrainian newsreader who’s been broadcasting from a secret bunker is forced to cut Loose Women interview short as sirens go off in the background

  • A Ukrainian journalist came on Loose Women to discuss the situation at home
  • Marichka Padalko revealed how she is apart from her husband and children
  • During the interview, she was forced to go off air, as airstrike sirens were heard
  • She urged Brits to appreciate every moment they spend with their families

A Ukrainian newsreader was forced to cut short a satellite interview on Loose Women today after airstrike sirens were heard in the background.

Marichka Padalko, who reads the news for one of Ukrainian’s biggest TV channels, appeared on the programme to discuss how the country’s main news networks have joined together to broadcast from underground bunkers. 

As she began speaking with the show’s hosts Ruth Langsford, Frankie Bridge, Janet Street Porter and Kéllé Bryan, she announced that airstrikes had just been announced in the Kyiv studio that was currently broadcasting – meaning she and her colleagues had to get ready to take over.  

‘I know we’ve been preparing for this interview for a long time and making arrangements. But what we’re hearing now in the studio, is that airstrikes have just been announced in the studio that’s having a live broadcast now.    

Ukrainian newsreader Marichka Padalko was forced to cut short an interview on Loose Womem today, after air strike sirens were heard going on in the studio

Host Ruth Langsford discussed how the reporter hasn’t seen her three children or her husband since February 24, saying she must be extremely worried

‘So I unfortunately I have to say goodbye and maybe join you on another occasion.’ 

Luckily the reporter was able to rejoin Loose Women some moments later. She  revealed that since everyone in the Kyiv studio was safe, she’d been able to step down and return to the interview.

Ruth Langsford discussed how Marichka hasn’t seen her husband or children since February 24, and asked how she is coping.

Marichka’s three children are currently being cared for by her parents in West Ukraine, while her husband, a former MP, is unable to disclose his location due to security reasons.

‘One of your colleagues asked me this morning, “How are you?”, and I didn’t know the correct answers,’ Marichka answered.

‘I’m alive, my children, my parents are alive and my husband called me this morning. I think I’m great, compared to people who are under heavy shelling like my friends.’

She added that everyone is getting used to a ‘new reality’. 

‘But of course we’re not okay,’ she said. ‘There is this disastrous war that’s going on, but we are trying to pull ourselves together. It’s our land, and we’re going to protect it.’

The reporter added that she would ‘never surrender’. 

Marichka Padalko (pictured with her husband, left, and with her husband and three children, right), has not been able to see her family since the last week of February

The Loose Women hosts branded the newsreader ‘incredibly brave’ for staying in Ukraine and continuing to do her job

According to Marichka, her husband, who has no military background, is training for the territorial army, saying this is now ‘everybody’s war’, and it isn’t just up to the Ukrainian army to defend the country.

She added: ‘People are trying to defend their land, even armless. We are doing our best to win this war because that’s the only way it can end.’ 

When Janet Street-Porter asked if Ukraine can win this war, citing reports saying the Russian army has faltered, Marichka said: ‘They never expected this kind of resistance.

‘I think their intelligence of how [Ukranian people] would react was wrong. They never expected such a resistance.’

Concluding her interview, she urged Britons to ‘appreciate every moment’ they are able to spend with their families.

Twitter users were quick to praise the reporter, calling her brave, and sending well wishes for her and her family

She added: ‘Just two weeks ago, the things I was not happy about was that I hadn’t lost enough weight, or whether I looked young enough for my age.

‘Now this seems so senseless that I was even worried about this. People, not only in Great Britain, but in the whole world should appreciate their family.’ 

After the segment, praise for the broadcaster poured in on Twitter, with one social media user writing: ‘You’re amazing. I couldn’t be that selfless or brave.’

Another added: ‘You are so brave and an inspiration to us all. Stay safe, and I hope this is war is over and your family is reunited soon.’

And a third agreed, saying: ‘Thank you for talking to us. Huge respect and love to everyone in Ukraine. Such a feeling of hopelessness watching what your country is going through, although we don’t yet know the wider implications for Europe. Please you and your family stay safe.’ 

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