Using this tool might mean you never have to shave your legs again

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If the thought of waxing your bikini line has you crossing your legs or you’re fed up with remembering to take a razor in the shower with you, then we’ve got you covered.

We’ve been there. We’ve tried the hair removal cream, even the sensitive ones, that still work their way into crevices they shouldn’t and burn like they say they won’t. We too are bored of disposable razors, or having to shave top to bottom every other day on holiday. (Why does it grow so fast?)

We want that smooth life but preferably without the pain or having to keep buying the tools.

Laser treatments are everywhere, but not everyone has that kind of cash. But now there is a different option.

RoseSkinCo’s Lumi aims to deliver permanent hair reduction that is noticeable after just four uses and full results in 12.

The Lumi handset, which launched earlier this year, is cheaper than laser and less painful than waxing.

How it works

IPL means intense pulsed light. It’s a similar process as laser hair removal but it’s safer to do this at home.

It targets the unwanted hairs at the roots and destroys them with the IPL but it doesn’t damage or burn your skin while doing so. The aim is to stop hair from growing back.

However, IPL actually works best on dark, coarse hair this is because it uses pigmentation to target the hair follicle, so if there’s not enough contrast between hair and skin it might not be as effective. But you can see which skin tones and hair colours will work best here. 

You can use the Lumi on any part of your body – bikini, arms, legs and more, but if you’re using on your face, they recommend keeping it below the cheekbones.

It has six intensity levels but unlike a lot of hair removal techniques, IPL is practically painless. Which makes us wonder why we ever tortured ourselves with those wax strips!

If you do have it on a high setting, some people could experience a little discomfort but if you use the lower intensity it promises to be very gentle.

Putting their money where their mouth is, RoseSkinCo even offers people their money back if they’re not happy. 

All Lumi handsets come with a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee for 90 days.

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