Voice of the Mirror: MPs, make us all house proud by donating property windfalls

Democracy is a great leveller and a golden opportunity for people to improve their lives, so obviously we need MPs to be trusted – and that includes over the explosive issue of expenses.

Today’s Mirror probe into how 160 benefited from the old, discredited system to make £42million between them on houses bought with taxpayer help won’t help restore that trust.

We acknowledge previous rules allowed MPs to cash in. But that doesn’t excuse them biting criticism from voters who are still smarting a decade after the great expenses scandal.

So we challenge MPs who banked, or who are sitting on, fat profits from homes bought with public assistance to donate any windfalls to the Exchequer as a gesture of good will.

More than ever, we want renewed faith in our politicians to build a fairer Britain.

The current expenses system is significantly better but legacy questions continue to taint politics and ­politicians.

Our webmaster

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell adding his intellectual and political clout to our campaign for web giants such as Google to pay fair on tax is a warning to those arrogant international corporations.

The game is changing with the days hopefully ending when they could switch profits from country to country with impunity, minimising contributions to public services in places like Britain where they enjoy fat profits.

We welcome the prospect of a Labour government, with McDonnell in the Treasury, changing the tax system so it works for the millions instead of the internet millionaires.

Join the fight

Let us side with Debenhams’ 25,000 loyal staff as the chain becomes the latest to teeter on our battered High Streets.

We want the Government to step in and help not as public wealthfare for investors such as Mike Ashley but as the guardian of grafters who deserve Ministers fighting alongside trade unions and Labour to save their futures.

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