Watch YEENJOY STUDIO and Minions Collaborate on New Porcelain Collection

YEENJOY STUDIO, a maker of unconventional Chinese porcelain, is providing a behind-the-scenes look into its latest project: a collaboration with Minions. The two-piece collection brings out the elegant side of the characters, turning the computer-animated stars from the Minions franchise into a skillfully-crafted incense burner and ring holder dish. To learn more about the traditional techniques and the preliminary models used by YEENJOY STUDIO to create the final Minions incense burner, watch the video above.

Working with Illumination on the design process, the artists at YEENJOY STUDIO show their internal notes behind sculpting the perfect pair of Minions Goggles. YEENJOY STUDIO describes how it was important to find a blaance between showing the studio’s distinct handcrafted style and with accurately represented the world famous Minions. Noting the importance of the color yellow to Minions, artist YiRan of YEENJOY STUDIO says that it was exciting to portray the characters in a blue glaze.

The Minions x YEENJOY STUDIO collection is the latest release after the franchise’s collection with Verdy. This is the second in a series of collaborations that combine the world of Minions with streetwear. It will be released in extremely limited quantities on Friday, November 20, exclusively through HBX.
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