We Gave The KPop Group Purple Kiss 60 Seconds To Learn These TikTok Dances

IMHO this episode of the TikTok Challenge Challenge includes the best songs of any episode to date. I mean, Ariana Grande? Doja Cat? A Nelly Furtado throwback? It’s straight classics all the way through. Nobody could resist dancing along to this music. But! The question behind this challenge is not whether you’re capable of busting a move, but rather if you can pick up on a dance quickly. Like, we’re talking under-60-seconds quickly.

Anybody who has spent so much as two minutes on TikTok knows that the routines on there are no sort of no joke. While we can’t all be Addison Rae, I’d say the members of Purple Kiss came pretty damn close though. The KPop group tapped into the challenge this week and showed off quite a few of their skills.

The ladies went head-to-head to speed-master a bunch of popular dances. Chaein & Na Go Eun *might* have had a slightly unfair advantage, being the “TikTok geniuses” of the group according to their bandmates, but you’ve got to see the whole episode to see who eventually came out on top!

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