Wendy's is giving away TONS of free food to celebrate its 50th birthday

WENDY’S is giving away free food in the US to celebrate its 50th birthday and the giveaway includes burgers, fries and Frosty milkshakes.

But sadly the fast food chain isn’t just handing out food entirely for nothing – you’ll need to buy something first to get involved.

To get a freebie, you’ll need to scan the “Sip & Scan” code on any Wendy’s drink cup or takeout bag.

You’ll need the Wendy’s app to scan the code, which will then unlock a free menu item for you.

The freebie is completely random, so you won’t be able to choose what you get.

But the choices range from single burgers, to friends and milkshakes – including the new birthday cake flavoured Frosty.

Thankfully, hungry customers have a while to rack up the freebies as the promotion is running until January 3, 2020.

It's only available in the US in any of the 6,300 Wendy's locations.

You can find your nearest Wendy's by using the online restaurant locator.

Typically, the cheapest burger you can get on the menu is a junior cheeseburger for 99c (79p).

You can also get a hot coffee for the same price.

To get in on the action, download the Wendy’s app for free on Google Play or the App Store.

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