Wendy's Most Brutal Burns From National Roast Day

Hello police? I'd like to report multiple murders.

National Roast Day has come and gone, and the casualty report is coming in.

On Wednesday Wendy’s took to the internet in its annual tradition of laying waste to fellow companies on the Twitterverse, who in a sick twist, actually asked for the abuse.

All that remained were the scorched corpses of blue ticks, crispier than the fries it purports to make.

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Thus follows the most brutal burns of #NationalRoastDay 2022:

Wendy, long the undisputed queen of Twitter conflagration, was indiscriminate in her destruction, also brutally tearing down any regular person who asked for it.

The company even offered all sacrificial volunteers a free medium fries with a purchase through its app.

“Gotta do something with all this salt,” she mused.


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