What Do BTS’ V’s "Scenery" Lyrics Mean? It’s Perfect For A Walk In The Park With Your Bae

I find it kind of amazing that K-Pop’s favorite boy band BTS can do literally no wrong. Together as a group, RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook absolutely crush it. And guess what? As solo artists, they also exceed expectations, meaning these guys are the real deal. And quite frankly, I’m loving the fact that the BTS boys are dropping their own singles — especially V, who just dropped a solo song, "Scenery." So, what do BTS’ V’s "Scenery" lyrics mean? Lucky for you, I can totally fill you in.

On Wednesday, Jan. 30, V debuted "Scenery" on Soundcloud, and the BTS ARMY is living for it. The lyrics are super beautiful and the tune is soft, and V’s voice is all sorts of gorgeous. If you want to memorize all of the lyrics to "Scenery" just take a look below:

How much more perfect could it even get? That depends on whether or not you’ve actually heard the song yet, because man, it is soulful and sweet. Take a listen below:

It’s soothing. It’s calm. It’s a bit melancholy but in the best way possible. I truly don’t know how V does it, but this is a damn masterpiece, y’all.

Naturally, fans on Twitter are overwhelmed with excitement, and have started to use the hashtag #ProudOfYouTaehyung to cheer V — whose real name is Kim Tae-hyung — on.

Seriously you guys, the pride overfloweth:

Right in the feels, man.

The BTS boys are no stranger to solo work, and V’s "Scenery" comes almost right after Jimin’s latest single, "Promise," which was released just a few short weeks prior. JungKook also dropped two covers of IU’s song "Ending Scene," and Suga worked with South Korean singer Lee Sora on "Song Request." And remember, back in March 2018, J-Hope released solo album called Hope World, and RM has his own mixtape, "Mono," so something tells me we just might be hearing solo work from Jin sometime soon — or, who knows, maybe not. Either way, the BTS boys prove time and time again that they have more talent in their pinkies than I do in my entire body.

And honestly, I don’t even care. These guys are talented AF, and I support them and their multitude of skills.

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