Where To Get ColourPop’s ‘Bambi’ Collection With The Cutest Designs Of All Time

You can always trust ColourPop to have an exciting collaboration on the way, and it’s not going to disappoint this month. On Feb. 25, the makeup brand dropped a Disney Bambi x ColourPop line on its website. With 11 products based on your favorite forest friends, this collection is making me see a ton of soft glam in your future. Just in case you miss the first drop, you’ll also be able to shop Disney Bambi x ColourPop on Ulta Beauty starting on March 14.

As one of the first Disney animated movies ever made, Bambi is certifiably iconic. Pretty much every time I stumble doing a basic task, I think of Bambi’s first time walking. This new collection, however, honors more than just the young deer. Flower the Skunk and Thumper the Rabbit are also present throughout the line.

It wouldn’t be a true ColourPop drop if there weren’t a few new palettes in the mix. For the Bambi line, there’ll be three five-pan eyeshadow palettes with matte and shimmer shades, all created with each of your beloved animal friends in mind. The Bambi Palette perfectly matches the fawn’s brown spots and is great for creating neutral looks. Meanwhile, the Flower Palette is a bit bolder with purple shades; an ivory accent; and an inky, glittery black. Last, and possibly the softest of the bunch, is the Thumper Palette. These five eyeshadows range from dusty pink to taupe and include a rich gold pan as well.

To top off your eye makeup, Disney Bambi x ColourPop also has three eyeliner pencils. The creamy formulas glide on easily and promise to last all day. The beige shade Meadow and the eggplant shade Purty are both matte. However, if you prefer some glimmer in your eyeliner, Raindrops boasts some shimmer in its wine tone.

Each of the furry crew also inspired their own Lux Gloss, which naturally pairs immaculately with each palette. Bambi’s is caramel-colored, Flower’s is a sheer lavender, and Thumper’s is rosy pink. As is the Lux Gloss promise, each will leave your lips feeling hydrated and extra shimmery.

If you’re going to make a collection centered around a deer, doe eyes are a must. The Oh Deer Faux Mink Falsies will add all new kinds of length and volume to your lashes. Just looking at them makes me feel like my eyes are turning into butterflies.

For the final product of the collab, ColourPop created a new highlighter. Named "Morning Light Pixie Pouf Highlighter," the gold powder comes with a fluffy pouf to make full radiance on your face and body easy to achieve.

Head to the ColourPop website now to shop this adorable line, or head to Ulta Beauty come March 14.

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