‘Who You Think I Am’ With Juliette Binoche Sells Nearly Worldwide (EXCLUSIVE)

Safy Nebbou’s “Who You Think I Am,” the romantic drama with Juliette Binoche that’s world premiering in the Berlin Film Festival’s Special Gala section, has been sold nearly worldwide by Playtime.

Binoche stars as 50-year-old Claire Millaud, who creates a fake profile as a younger woman, Clara, on social media to spy on her lover, Ludo. But as her younger avatar, Claire ends up falling in love with one of Ludo’s friends, Alex.

Playtime has sold “Who You Think I Am” to Canada (Axia), Spain (Wanda), Italy (I Wonder), Germany (Alamode), Australia (Palace), Switzerland (Agora), Benelux (Cineart), Greece (Rosebud), Austria (Thimfilm), Israel (Red Cape), South America (California Filmes), China (Huashi TV), Sweden (TriArt), Hungary (HungariCom), Baltics (BestFilm), Middle East (Italia Film), Portugal (Midas), Finland (Cinema Mondo), Taiwan (Sky Digi Entertainment) and Denmark (Camera Film).

Playtime’s Nicolas Brigaud-Robert said Binoche was a big draw for distributors worldwide as her popularity is enjoying a bit of a revival. “Since 2017, when we were selling Claire Denis’ ‘Let the Sunshine In,’ we have noticed that buyers are more and more excited by the prospect of having a film starring Juliette Binoche,” said Brigaud-Robert.

Nicole Garcia, François Civil and Charles Berling complete the cast. Based on the novel by Camille Laurens, “Who You Think I Am” was written by Nebbou and Julie Peyr, a frequent collaborator of Arnaud Desplechin who co-wrote “Ismael’s Ghosts,” “My Golden Days” and “Jimmy P.”

“Who You Think I Am” was produced by Michel Saint-Jean at Diaphana. The film boasts an original score by Ibrahim Maalouf and was shot by Gilles Porte, the cinematographer of “The State Against Mandela and the Others” and “When the Sea Rises.”

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