Whoopi Goldberg Falls Asleep On ‘The View’ As Co-Host Gush Over Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez’s Reunion

Whoopi Goldberg tuned out during a passionate conversation on ‘The View’ about the return of Bennifer, getting in just a quick nap while still on air.

Bennifer who? Whoopi Goldberg wasn’t exactly enthused about the topic at hand when the ladies on The View were discussing Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez rekindling their romance. As co-host Sara Haines launched into a passionate monologue about why she thinks Ben and Jen should get back together, Whoopi straight up fell asleep.

And it wasn’t even subtle. The View moderator slumped over in her chair with her eyes closed. After she lightly snored, co-host Meghan McCain gently got her attention while Sara continued to rave about the love Ben and Jen once shared. Whoopi jolted awake and pretended she was paying rapt attention. While handing the topic over to Joy Behar, she hilariously said, “I’m just going to rest my eyes while you talk about this” and cozied up again.

Even if Whoopi couldn’t care less about the return of Bennifer, it elicited Bridgerton-levels of passion from Sara and Sunny Hostin. Fans (including them) freaked when the exes, who broke up in 2004, were spotted hanging out in Los Angeles after she ended her engagement to Alex Rodriguez. Since that fateful meetup, Ben and Jen have continued catching up, even taking a trip to Montana together.

But wait; there’s more! As J.Lo and A-Rod’s relationship was ending, Ben reportedly began writing his ex-fiancée flirty emails, according to a new report. In the messages, Ben allegedly told Jen how beautiful she is, and how much he wanted to see her. At the time, she was filming Shotgun Wedding in the Dominican Republic — where A-Rod had just traveled in an attempt to salvage their failing engagement. You know, just in case Whoopi wants to know.

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