Why Does Everyone Think Jenelle and David From ‘Teen Mom’ Are Getting Divorced? – The Cheat Sheet Why Does Everyone Think Jenelle and David From ‘Teen Mom’ Are Getting Divorced?

Jenelle Evans has had her share of drama on the MTV series Teen Mom. But most of the problems have to do with Evans and her mother, Barbara Evans. However, Evans has also seen her share of break ups on the show, and things with husband David Eason can get heated sometimes. But why does everyone think the two are splitting up?

Jenelle and her husband, David Eason. | Jenelle Evans via Instagram

Evans has gone down troubled roads with exes in the past

Evans hasn’t always had the best luck with the men in her life. Her relationship with her ex-fiancé, Nathan Griffith, often turned violent. The two called off their engagement twice; the first time, it was because there were allegedly domestic violence issues. The couple often fought on the show, and it didn’t surprise fans when things between them didn’t work out. Evans also had issues with Jace’s father, who almost never appeared on the show. Their relationship clearly didn’t work out; Evans supposedly broke up with him before 16 and Pregnant because of his drug use.

Evans and Eason have had some major fights on the show

Evans met Eason after she called things off with Griffith. The two hit it off, and it was only a matter of time until they got engaged. The couple’s wedding was a large part of the show, not only because Evans was getting married, but also because of the drama it caused between her and her mother. (Barbara Evans was not invited to the wedding.) However, even the day before they wed, Evans and Eason were fighting. After the wedding, there were reports that Evans had ended things with her husband of three months over a fight. However, the two remained together.

Divorce rumors struck the couple in early December 2018

Evans and Eason dealt with divorce rumors again in December 2018. Back in October, Evans had called the police on her husband, alleging he had assaulted her. The 911 call was released, and Evans said Eason had pinned her down and hurt her collar bone. Eason’s aggressiveness has often been a piece of contention on the show; Jace once said that Eason scared him, which made Evans’ mother not want to sign over custody. After the call was released, the couple was spotted together enjoying dinner. But everyone thought divorce was in the near future.

But Evans was quick to say the two are not splitting up

Evans took to social media in early December to set the record straight: She and Eason are not getting divorced. She posted on her Instagram story and said, “Lmfao Married couples have disagreements but that doesn’t mean they are ‘splitting up.’ #RUMORS.” Evans and Eason have often been at the center of divorce rumors, since their relationship seems pretty rocky at times. But Evans assured fans she and her husband are still going strong.

Evans also questioned why social media needs to run people’s lives. She stated that she and her mother are not friends on social media and doesn’t understand why it should play such a major role in relationships. After she had cleared up the divorce rumors, she posted a photo of the couple searching for their Christmas tree.

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