Why Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton Are Being Forced To 'Save the Royal Family'

The royal family has its issues. Just like all families, things can get complicated.

It’s no surprise that the royal princes, Prince William and Prince Harry, don’t always get along. Family dynamics can get complicated, even for royal heirs. Or maybe especially for royal heirs. A lot of circumstances may explain why the royal brothers sometimes seem like they’re feuding. 

Let’s take a look at the history. Prince Charles married Princess Diana and had two children with her, despite the fact that he was in love with Camilla Parker Bowles. He and Parker Bowles maintained an extramarital affair. 

Princess Diana later divorced Prince Charles. It’s hard for all kids to watch their parents split, but for Prince William and Prince Harry, the split was very public.

Then, their mother was taken from them way too soon. Princess Diana died when Prince William was 15, and Prince Harry was only 12. 

It couldn’t have been easy for the boys to grow up without their mother, especially since Parker Bowles stayed in their lives and later married their father. Now they present themselves as one big happy family, but at one point Prince Harry and Prince William likely had complicated feelings about Parker Bowles usurping their deceased mother’s role. 

Considering how messy the royal family history is, it’s no wonder Prince Harry and Prince William have brotherly spats every now and then.  However, it doesn’t seem fair that Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle are now being essentially asked to ‘save the royal family.’

Kate Middleton is the “peacemaker”

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On #RemembranceSunday The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge joined Her Majesty The Queen and members of @TheRoyalFamily, as the nation honoured those who have lost their lives in conflict. The Duchess of Cambridge joined The Queen and The Duchess of Cornwall on the balcony of the Foreign Office for the National Service of Remembrance, as The Prince of Wales laid a wreath at the Cenotaph on behalf of The Queen, who is Head of the Armed Forces, followed by The Duke of Cambridge, The Duke of Sussex, The Duke of York, and Members of the Royal Family. Every year, the nation unites on Remembrance Sunday, traditionally held at 11am on the second Sunday in November, to honour the service and sacrifice of our Armed Forces community, the British and Commonwealth veterans, the Allies that fought alongside us and the civilian servicemen and women involved in the two World Wars and later conflicts ?PA / Crown Copyright #WeWillRememberThem

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For better or worse, it seems like the royal Duchesses of Cambridge and the Duchess of Sussex are going to have to work together for the good of the royal family. It’s a role Duchess Kate should know well.

According to royal expert Katie Nicholl, the two women will need to present a united front to support the queen and the royal family. Nicholl revealed: “I think after a festive break, both Kate and Meghan will know that joint ventures to support the queen are not only part of their duty, but also good for the public image.”

The pressure is on, especially considering the turmoil currently facing the royal family. 

Duchess Kate and Duchess Meghan face some serious challenges 

Things are looking grim for the royal family. They’re no strangers to drama, but accusations against Prince Andrew are another level entirely. He’s been accused of having sex with underage girls. There are photos linking him to his accuser, and to alleged sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein. 

The drama between Princess Diana and Parker Bowles was one thing, but the royal family will have to work hard to get out of this. The queen is older, and her son, Prince Charles, is stepping up to take on more royal duties, as are the other heirs. That’s probably a good thing. A lot of people criticized the queen’s slow reaction to Prince Andrew’s scandal. 

Now, Duchess Kate and Duchess Meghan will have to win the public back to the royal family’s side. Nicholl thinks that the two women can only accomplish this by working together, and thanks to the queen stepping back, they’ll be forced even closer.

“Although the Cambridges and Sussexes have their own charities, I think the queen’s move towards retirement will force them to work closely with each other,” said Nicholl.

Kate Middleton has her own family drama 

Nicholl calls Duchess Kate a “peacemaker,” and says she knows how to be a team player. Given what’s going on in her personal life, that may be put to the test in the coming months. 

There are rumors that Prince William had an affair with Duchess Kate’s friend, Rose Hanbury. Whether or not the affair happened is almost immaterial.

Surviving the rumors is likely tiresome, and may have put a strain on Duchess Kate and her marriage. Hopefully, the stress of the rumors won’t cause the royal family to fracture even further. 

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