Why Sarah Hyland Loves Wells Adams’ Laid-back Career: Will It Be Great If They Have A Family?

Sarah Hyland doesn’t mind the fact that her boyfriend Wells Adams has quite a different career than she does and in fact, she thinks it will be beneficial if they decide to have a family together in the future.

Modern Family star Sarah Hyland, 28, just loves her relationship with beau Wells Adams, 34, and finds that his laid-back career in reality television is a good thing for their future. “Sarah isn’t bothered at all by the fact that boyfriend Wells doesn’t have a normal job,” a source EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “He considers himself a social media influencer and that’s how he pays the bills – through endorsements and what not. He has his gig on Bachelor In Paradise and would love to do more on-camera work, however, he knows, like everyone else from The Bachelor franchise, that it’s the best way to pay the bills and he’s along for the ride. Sarah couldn’t care less. She has her own money and job and she’s secure in that. Wells does well promoting things online and it works for them and their relationship.”

Sarah and Wells have been dating for over a year now so it’s only natural that they would think about how their jobs would affect their future together. Although they aren’t engaged yet, it turns out with the way things have been going, it’s quite possible a proposal could happen soon. “Friends feel the couple are in no rush to get married, but at the same time, wouldn’t be surprised if an engagement were to happen,” the source continued.

With a marriage, there’s also potential for starting a family and that seems to be on track with where the young couple are at right now. “Sarah loves hanging out with Wells at all times so the way he makes money is a complete win in her eyes,” a different source close to Sarah EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “Their connection is electric and she just loves how he is always there for her and very attentive. When they have kids and there is no rush, she knows she will continue to act, so if he is there to be Mr. Mom that will be beautiful for her to see and experience because she thinks he will be an amazing father.”

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