Will gyms close in Tier 4?

Tier 4: UK warned 'not to ignore' new restrictions by expert

People were unable to go to the gym during the first and second national Covid lockdowns. Since exiting the second lockdown, England has been operating under a tier system for different regions. Gyms have been permitted to open in all three tiers – but what will happen in Tier 4?

Will gyms close in Tier 4?

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to announce a tightening of the current Covid restrictions.

This could see London and other regions placed into a fourth tier.

The restrictions are likely to be similar to those of the previous national lockdowns.

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Unfortunately, this means gyms could be closed while an area is in Tier 4.

Express.co.uk will update this article following Mr Johnson’s address.

People have flocked to social media to react to the potential announcement.

One wrote on Twitter: “Moving to tier 4 feels damaging.

“Closing shops before Xmas, no gyms, very little escape for people living alone. What happened to cafes being crucial?

“Schools are clearly the biggest spreader, I understand why they’re still open but this feels like dancing around the issue.”

Another wrote: “I don’t care about tier 4, just need gyms to stay open.”

A third added: “Closing gyms is potentially the worst thing the govt could do in tier 4.

“There is no evidence that links gyms to rising cases at all.”

A fourth commented: “@BorisJohnson if you move London to tier 4 & then close the gyms, a staple factor in maintaining mental health for millions of people across the country and which also in September had a Covid infection rate of approx 1 case per 300,000 visits, then you really do not give a toss.”

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