Will Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper Get Together Now That They are Both Single?

Longtime couple Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk have called it quits. And while ending a four-year relationship was probably hard for the two involved, A Star is Born fans can’t stop rejoicing.

Ever since the movie came out, fans have been commenting on the instant chemistry between Cooper and his costar, Lady Gaga. But when the film was released, Cooper was still with Shayk and Gaga was engaged to Christian Carino.

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But since then, both relationships have ended. Does that mean that Cooper and Gaga will finally get together?

Gaga and Carino

Gaga and Carino confirmed their relationship in February of 2017. Their relationship was mostly private but in October of last year, the singer admitted that she was engaged to Carino by calling him her fiance in a speech.

Later, fans began to wonder if the couple had broken up after she failed to wear her engagement ring at this years GRAMMYS and didn’t thank Carino in her acceptance speech as she had in the past.

The couple officially broke things off in February.

Cooper and Shayk

Cooper and Shayk began dating in 2016. Their relationship was mostly kept under wraps, as that was the way that Shayk preferred it.

“I have a lot of friends who share a lot of their personal life on Instagram or social media, very publicly,” she told Glamour UK earlier this year. “I admire it and I think it’s great – but I think it’s all about personal choice.”

“Because my work requires me to be out there, I just decided my personal life will be quiet. That’s why it’s called personal, because it’s something for you and your family, and I feel happy with it.”

On March 21st, 2017, the couple welcomed their first child, Lea De Seine, into the world.

“Bradley spends every day with his family,” a source recently told People. “Most days, Bradley and Irina take Lea out for activities together. Sometimes they just stroll on the beach. Bradley and Irina seem great.”

“He has been all about his family,” the source continued.

In 2016, engagement rumors began flying about the couple when Shayk started wearing a ring on her ring finger. She wore the ring for over two years, but according to sources, the pair thought that raising their child was more important than getting married.

“They’re focused on their daughter, and they seem happy together,” a source told the outlet at the time.

Now that they have decided to split, they are working to share custody of Lea.

Will Gaga and Cooper get together?

Gaga and Cooper first met when she was auditioning for the role in A Star is Born.

And from that first moment, Gaga felt a connection to Cooper.

“From the moment we met, I felt a kindred spirit in him,” Gaga told TIME. “And as soon as I heard him sing, I stopped dead in my tracks. I knew he could play a rock star. Actually, he’s the only actor on the planet who could play this one.”

And the feelings were reciprocated.

“She entrusted me with giving herself so she could reveal herself to be the actress that she is, and I entrusted her that I would be able to become the musician that I was terrified to be,” Cooper told the outlet.

And since then, their love has only grown.

“She knows everything about me — everything. There is not one thing she doesn’t know, and I believe the same for me,” the actor told EW. “It’s just so funny how life works. It’s like, ‘So in five years you guys will be inseparably close.’”

So, who knows, maybe the pair will continue to explore their relationship in a more romantic way now that that is an option.

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