Woman, 20, slams bloke who told her to ‘put a bra on’ after she rejected him

A woman hit back at a troll who told her to “put a bra on” after she shared a selfie online.

Whitney Dickson, from Dudley in the West Midlands, got glammed up before uploading a bra-less snap of herself wearing a Boohoo top.

But unfortunately, a man slid into her DMs to make a jibe about her choice of attire.

She said: "When this happened I'd got dressed and done my hair – I wasn't going anywhere, I just got dressed because I was bored.

"I just felt nice, decided to take some pictures and uploaded one and I got that message a couple of hours after saying I should put my bra on.”

The 20-year-old accountant had ignored the bloke’s compliments in the past, which is why she thinks he lashed out at her instead.

She said: "I can't control whether my nipples are poking out or not. I'm not flaunting them to be sexy, they're just part of my body.

"The man who told me to 'put a bra on' is somebody who's tried to message me in the past trying to talk to me. He's just been rejected to be honest with you.”

While Whitney initially wanted to delete the picture, she defiantly kept it up and continued to share it on social media.

She admitted: "It got me quite riled up, who did he think he was telling me what I can and can't do?

"Then I did the complete opposite and I posted it everywhere and got very annoyed by it.”

As Whitney has enjoyed the freedom of not wearing restrictive underwear during lockdown, she’s refusing to take the comment to heart.

She said: "I did reply to the message, I said that I shouldn't have to, that I hadn't worn a bra in months and I sure as hell wasn't going to start now. I blocked him after that.

"I haven't worn a bra for a very, very long time – especially during lockdown.

"Personally I don't find them comfortable, if I'm going to wear one it's more like a bralette.

"While working from home you don't have to worry about anyone seeing anything and [you can enjoy] the comfort of not wearing one.

"But at the same time, why should we feel we have to wear one?”

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After Whitney shared her experience on Facebook, she received plenty of support from fellow women.

She said: "I got more than 400 compliments from one of the girls' groups I shared it in.

"A lot of girls commented saying that they don't feel comfortable wearing things because of how society has made them feel.

"A girl went into my mum's tanning salon and she said the post gave her the confidence to go out and wear a top that she didn't feel confident wearing. It made me feel really good to inspire someone like that.

"At the end of the day you shouldn't have to sit there and think 'ooh is this a bit too revealing?' If you want to wear it you should wear it.

"You should be able to feel happy in your own body, you should be you and embrace it.”

Whitney hopes telling her story will encourage others to think before sending rude comments to others online too.

She added: "I've seen plenty of men that have bigger boobs than me and many girls I know and they walk around with their nipples out.

"It's fine for them to do it but when women do it's the end of the world.

"Hopefully the post will make people think 'maybe I shouldn't be saying this’.”

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