Woman, 21, shares brutal reasons why she never wants kids – and many agree

A woman has gone viral for her long list of reasons as to why she never wants kids – including that she does not want saggy boobs and that she may not like her own child.

Maria Angelopoulos, from Australia, has gone viral on TikTok after she declared that she never wishes to get pregnant and raise a child.

The 21-year-old has not held back on her views as she listed 15 separate reasons that are stopping her from carrying a baby.

In the clip that has racked up one million views, Maria took a screenshot of the points she had listed and began to explain her reluctance to conceive.

'Not a fan'

Maria started off on the most 'important' reason as to why she doesn't want to have a child,

She shared: “Reasons I will not be having children number one and most importantly I don’t want to."

Pregnancy body changes

“Number two I don’t want to be pregnant, I don’t want my belly to grow, my body to change and my organs are going to move and they will be something stuck in there for nine months.

"Scary things can happen to women during pregnancy, you can lose your teeth, you can lose your hair – I don’t want to go through that."

'Annoying' kids

If fear and simply not wanting them was not reason enough, Maria voiced her concerns of potentially not liking her own child.

She explained: “Number three, what if I don’t like them. Kids are going to grow up to have their own thoughts and feelings, their own opinions. What if they are really annoying and I hate my child?

"What if he becomes an alpha male with a podcast, what do I do then?" she giggled.

End of the world

“Number four – apocalypse.

“I think about the worst things that could happen in the world and I’m already I'm going to have to look after myself and my mum, dad and my siblings.

"I don’t want a kid to add to the stress."

The world is terrible

Maria thinks that the world is not the nicest of places to live and aired her worries about the future of civilisation.

“The world is a bad place, very realistically we could be left without food in the next 25 years do I want to have to worry about myself and a child. No," she preached.

Fear of the rip

If the supposed impending societal collapse was not convincing enough, then the potential of 'ripping' your privates was a big fear for Maria.

She fretted: “I don’t want to have to have to give birth, it’s really scary. Women die during birth, like you rip down to your a***hole and then the doctors stitch you up. Does that sound like a good time, no.”

Spiteful behaviour

“I’m really spiteful. I will tell people I don’t want to have kids and they will say ‘you will change your mind one day’ because of that I’m definitely not changing my mind."

Not maternal

“Since I was young I would say ‘I just want a kid young so I can get it over and done with’ does that sound like someone who is maternal to you?

"Does that sound like someone who wants a child and should be allowed to bring a child into the world? Absolutely not.

Despite not wanting a kid of her own, Maria is happy to look after other peoples children – as long as she can give them back.

She said: "I’m a firm believer that it takes a village to raise a child so I love the role of auntie. If you need someone to look after your kid I’ll do it. If you want to go take a shower and take five minutes alone, I’ll look after your kid.

"But at least I can give them back. As a mother you have full responsibility of the child at all times, I don’t want that responsibility."

Smelly nappies

“Diapers, I will not be wiping anyone else's a**e but my own."

Rock hard boobs

"Pump, your boobs are so full of milk that they become rock hard. Like a literal rock."


“Needy, I’m already needy. I don’t need someone else who is going to be needy in my life.

"I don’t have the emotional capacity or the mental capacity for that."

Breaking the bank

Maria also expressed concern about having to splash the cash to raise a child.

She added: "[They are] Expensive, I don’t make enough money to sustain myself let alone a child. They are so expensive, you have to buy diapers like every month for 50 bucks. Ridiculous."


“Do you know in pregnancy you can develop life long diabetes. That is just one of the scary things that can happen."

Fear of the sag

And the Australian really does not want to risk anything happening to her boobs, noting: “Your boobs can become saggy. When you get pregnant your boobs get really big beautiful mummy milkers I love it.

"Then guess what happens. They shrink back and your nipples face to the floor.

“Then I’ll have to go get a boob job and I like my boobs, I don’t want to do that."


As the long list comes to a close, Maria shared her last reason as to why she does not want kids.

She added: “I can just pack up and go and move to Europe tomorrow if I wanted to. I don’t have to think about anyone but myself. If I have a child I have to think about their thoughts and their feelings and how they feel about doing that. And, I don’t want to bare that responsibility.

"I want to be able to do whatever I want, and I can’t do that with a child."

And, it seems that many women agree with Maz and her anti-pregnancy belief.

One person commented: "There's literally not one single positive aspect to it."

Another user related: "Having a child in this economy is hard."

While a third person praised: "I appreciate people accepting/normalising not having kids. It really isn't for everyone!"

Someone else shared: "Nothing about having a child and being a mum has ever sounded remotely desirable to me. No thank you."

And, this user declared: "World is going downhill, people are so cruel, nature is dying, why people choose to create a new life to be subjected to this is beyond me really."

Let us know in the comments what you think about Maria's reasons not to have kids!

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