Woman decorates Christmas tree with clever balloon hack – and it looks amazing

A lot of people are preparing to put up their Christmas trees as December approaches.

But what would you say if we told you there were people out there decorating their trees with balloons?

Well you may be surprised to hear that they are.

Mum-of-one Ninoshka has gone viral on TikTok after showing off her balloon-decorated tree, with the clip being viewed more than 2million times.

Thousands have also praised the parent, who uses the TikTok handle @Ninoshka._.xo, for her clever decorating skills.

Ninoshka, who is from the US, is seen in the clip placing half blown up balloons in the tree.

She then showed the full stunning results in a separate video.

The tree has a gorgeous colour scheme of black, gold and white.

Ninoshka has used a mixture of ribbons, baubles, lights and balloons to decorate the tree – creating a stunning design.

The mum has used the balloons to make the tree look fuller and to cover up any empty spaces, rather than using tinsel or tree filler branches.

Many users praised the mum for her clever hack and said they were going to try it out themselves.

One person exclaimed: "Are you serious?!? I'm going to Party City Now! Wait… They're not open, tomorrow! Thank you!"

While another added: "Not only is it a fantastic idea, but it looks beautiful as well, bravo!"

Others questioned Ninoshka about whether the balloons stay up long enough and she replied to say they tend to last two to three weeks before they need replacing.

Some people also asked how safe it was to do with the fairy lights on the tree and Ninoshka said she used LED lights and had not had any issues yet, but told users to keep an eye on the tree if the lights are on.

Another woman also hit headlines last week as she revealed her 'magic' Christmas tree, which changes colour when she claps.

These ladies are making us want to get our decorations up even more!

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